The Week That Was #CommonRoomPHxPowerPlantMall Pop-up!

One of the blessings of my 2015 was Common Room. Common Room will turn 1 very soon and I am very much grateful to the founders Pop Junk Love for creating a community for local crafters and aspiring crafters (like me!) and giving me a new family of creative people! It always feels like "home" whenever we are there, my kids also love it there (only because of the swing and they get to play the plushies from Pop Junk Love hehe). 

Last week, we had a pop-up at Power Plant Mall, but before we can get to join the pop-up, kelangan may free workshop. When I heard that, OMFG, I cannot! I hate public speaking, yan talaga weakness at fear ko haha! But I really really wanted to join the pop-up, kaya sabi ko Bahala na si Batman! Next was schedule, I picked a weekday schedule so there won't be a lot of people. Haha! Strategy nga naman! But wala din, in the end my schedule was on a weekend! Oh how did I get so lucky all of a sudden! Hahaha!

Ingress was 7:30AM-9:30AM, no aircon, and I was wearing a grey tee! So nun pinawisan ako, alam niyo na jabar all over. Kainezzz! So note to myself and to you na din, don't wear grey pag mainit and you'll know you will sweat! Nyahahaha! Ingress was fast and we left 30 minutes before the mall opened. We'd come help every other day with the kids in tow. I have to thank BOS for taking leave from his work to help me out last week!
Setting up is always fun! Pero medyo hindi pag mainit. Hahahaha!
My products may not be made locally BUT they can help you create a lot of things and turn them into something you can call locally yours. Dibaaaa? Char.
The calm before the storm of shoppers.
And while I was busy with the pop-up, my kids were also busy bugging their papa and me. Haha! This was our longest pop-up and we take our kids with us wherever we go. Mas napagod lang si BOS magbantay ng mga kids! Heehee!
Doughnut for breakfast. Why not?! He's annoyed I'm taking his picture. Hehe!
This was one of my favorites! Pag naayos kitchen ko, bibilhin din kita! Hihi! String art by Habil Crafts while the paper flower is by Crafted Love!
One kid is happy while the other is annoyed that mommy is taking pictures.

There's free workshops everyday! Ang saya lang! But I was secretly dreading the Saturday, the day I am going to do my workshop. As in my countdown ako sa utak. Haha! I had to practice some of the crafts at home!
Tada! Very easy and simple crafts you can do at home for your next home parties!

Come Saturday, kabado talaga ako! Heehee! Sabi ko na lang sa sarili ko, kaya ko to! Half of the participants were kids and half were adult. I don't really remember what I said but I struck a conversation with the early birds so I can ease up as well. Pero nabubulol pa din talaga ako! I was sweating the whole time as in. STRESS! Hahaha! But I'm glad I was able to do it. We made tassels and pinwheels! Yay! Hope they'll be able to use what they learned! Thanks for the experience as well!
 Nakakahiya lang because the glue I brought was almost empty na pala hahaha!
Thank you Common Room for this opportunity! Would I do it again? I would for Common Room! Haha!

This was the first Mother's Day that I am "working" but I didn't really mind. We had lunch at Tuan Tuan, Y and I joined a few workshops then later shopped for what we want from Common Room! We were here 4 out of 7 days but I wasn't able to go around the mall or go to my eyebrow threading appointment! Hahaha!
Rockwell did a very nice job on styling the area! We felt like we were in a picnic/garden party!
What we bought and took home. The popsicles and jewelry hook were from the workshops! BOS and I are trying out calligraphy! Sana tumagal haha!

Thank you again Common Room and Rockwell for the opportunity! It was a tiring week but it was all worth it! See you in Katipunan! Time to restock again! Heehee!

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