A&D Weekend Guide: Garage Sale at Closet Cleanout Sale!

It has been really a busy and out of the ordinary week for us and I couldn't wait for the weekend to arrive! I'm so excited for this weekend's event! I'm doing two separate posts because there's too much to tell you about each event.

First is the much awaited 3rd run of the Closet Cleanout Sale! I have't read the book of Marie Kondo but I learned from my friends how it works. I've decluttered all of the things that didn't spark joy, said my thank you and put them all in boxes and ready to be sold this weekend! I have tons toys, clothes, and accessories to sell! Please do drop by!
Entrance is FREE!! Just mention to the guard that you are going to the garage sale at the Clubhouse! Gates will open at 8am till 1pm.

And here's just some of the things I'm going to sell this Saturday at very very low price!
Dresses for only Php200. They're in very good condition pa!
Baby Float for Php100 and Anna Doll for Php1,200!
Occasion Dress worn by Y during her 1st birthday. Selling it at Php300 only :)

All these and more on Saturday! Seychelles and Cole Vintage will also be there and will be selling at very low prices as well. See you!!!

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