A&D Travels to Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga: PIHABF 2016 and Koko Buri Restaurant

This is Part 1 of 2 of our Clark and Subic Adventure last February!

Last month, our family had a mini vacation! I was so happy when I found out there's going to be no classes during the weekend of the Philippine Hot Air Balloon Festival because we've been wanting to go and take the kids to see the big balloons!
An attempt to do "lettering" and "calligraphy"!
The last time we went to the festival was 4 years ago when Y still little and I was still pregnant with R! But we left Manila later than we planned so we didn't get to see the balloons but we still had a great time back then!
How adorable is Y? Now we got to bring R along too!

We left Manila really early, around 2:30AM because I didn't want us to be late and I knew there would be traffic as early as 4AM. I prepared breakfast on the go and lots of snacks for the kids. I let the kids sleep early and when it was time to go we carried them down into the car while they're still sleeping!
Traffic at 4:30AM! As you can see, it was still dark when we arrived. Parking was a bit difficult, we had to walk far to get to the gate!
People who arrived early set up tents while waiting for the sun to rise! I didn't know you can do that. It was still so dark we had to use our cellphones to navigate the grounds. Baka may matapakan kami! We didn't have a tent but I brought towels so we can sit down on the ground while waiting.

We saw how the balloons were heated up, from lying down to being blown up and finally lifting off one by one to the air. One of the things in my bucket list is to be able to ride in a hot air balloon! That would really be something!
We watched the sun rose from where we stood.
It took awhile for all the balloons to be up and ready.
Kids got bored, the momma too! Selfie muna!
The kids were so happy to see the hot air balloons up and up in the air!

After the balloons flew away, we went around to see what else is there to check out. As it is every year, there are plane and tanks on display as well as different flying schools, demos and more!
After taking a bunch of photos with different planes, we joined a tour (I forgot what it was) for only Php5/person! We got to enter where the bigger planes were parked! We got to learn more about planes but we were not allowed to go near or touch the planes.
Safety first. We were asked to wear these before the tour area.
This is a Boeing 742 which was a freight cargo airplane owned by an Egyptian. However, this plane is no longer working.
It was a short but information packed tour! So worth the Php5!
It was still February but it certainly felt like summer!
It was still early when we finished the tour, we bought ice cream to cool off and took more pictures with the kids.
Some car-loving little boy was so happy when he saw the cars! Asked us to take his picture. So cute!

Leaving the parking lot took us maybe 30-40 minutes! I guess everyone, just like us, left right after the hot air balloons flew out. It was still early for lunch and we just drove around Clark Freeport Zone while the kids dozed off in the car. BOS and I were deciding where to have our lunch but it's always me who decides haha! I chose Koko Buri after reading good reviews from food bloggers.
Koko Buri is an International cuisine restaurant but they are known for their Soy Garlic Chicken! From Koko Buri's Facebook Page: Etymologically speaking, the name Koko Buri is derived from “Buri” which means “I Like” in the Pampango language, and “Koko” which is a word synonymous to chicken. Thus, Koko Buri is translated to “I Like Chicken.”
We chose to dine al fresco and also because the kids can get a little bit noisy. We didn't want to disturb other diners.

We ordered mostly their best-sellers. I like to try new restaurants and food but I always asked for their specialties because I want my money's worth. Haha! Tipid tips ba yan or unadventurous? LOL
We ordered a pitcher of Iced Tea for everyone to share! Ang init kasi!
Kids had the Fettuccine Carbonara. It was good and the kids liked it!
The best Soy Garlic Chicken I've had! BOS agreed! The skin is crunchy, meat is tender, juicy and tasty! It's nothing like Bonchon where all the flavor is on the skin lang. I think I can eat a whole order! I'm so happy they have a branch in BGC already! 
BOS had to had rice so he order the Beef Over Rice which didn't pass his taste buds.
I didn't order rice but I ordered their Nagasaki Champon which I love and highly recommend too! It's noodle soup with shellfish and lots of veggies and quite spicy too! For a person who doesn't really like spicy dishes, I couldn't get enough of this. Love the soup and veggies balances all that oil from the Soy Garlic Chicken. Heehee!

Koko Buri Restaurant certainly didn't disappoint! BOS was also happy with my restaurant choice and he is not the easiest to please when it comes to food!


Subic Bay Freeport Zone
City of San Fernando in Pampanga
Bonifacio Global City

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