Mothers Who Brunch, The Nawwty Edition

Last year, a month before the holidays, Mish and Sab invited me to their last Mothers Who Brunch for 2015! It was the same weekend as the Block Party that I had to do ingress first before going to the Viking Range Showroom. I was already running late and was thinking if I should skip na lang but I knew if I miss MWB's Holiday Edition, I will regret it later, most especially when the food was prepared by NawwTy's Kitchen! **All photos are by Jay Santos.
I was excited about the food and it didn't disappoint! I loved everything: the food, the company, the booze and chikahan! It was a much needed break even though R was with me that day. Haha!

Who here panic when you have to host a party at home or when you're asked to bring food to a party? Me!!! But you don't have to panic anymore because when you bring anything from NawwTy's Kitchen, you will be the star! Heehee! There were six dishes prepared: Prawn Farfalle Salad, Jalapeño Beef Fingers, Crab Fat Paella, Apple & Sausage Stuffed Turkey, Dulce de Leche plus Manila Belly's Lechon Belly!
Charcuterie and cheese plate which hindi ko na naabutan heehee! I heard that truffle honey was good! I'll try serve something like this at home and serve it when we have guests.
Prawn Farfalle Salad
Jalapeño Beef Fingers
This Mothers Who Brunch Holiday Potluck edition was one of my favorites for 2015! It was my first time to have Turkey! I always see it in movies and TV but never actually seen and tasted one and ohhhh I loved it! I love the stuffings and the sidings, that turkey made me so happy! This is a must-order from NawwTy's Kitchen!
Such a beauty!
Roasted Peppered Veggies

Making an appearance at Mothers Who Brunch was Sab's newest venture, Manila Belly! Bring this to your potluck party and I'm sure everyone will be happy!
Manila Belly in spicy and original. Crispy balat, juicy and tender meat makes the perfect lechon! We super loved the lechon bellies, we made an advance order for Christmas Eve! They also have truffle flavor na! I ordered that for Christmas and everyone was super happy!
 Dulce de Leche for dessert!

And more cakes for dessert from The Flour Girl! Most often than not, dessert is the last thing you think of to bring to a potluck. We always think of the main dish to serve. It happened to one of our parties last Christmas and we were so happy when one of our friends who were last to come brought cake! Next time, order a cake from The Flour Girl. Okay?
Thank you Trish for the memorable lunch... from the bottom of my tummy! Heehee! 

Thank you again Sab and Mish for inviting and congratulations as well for the success of Mothers Who Brunch! Attending the Mothers Who Brunch was one of my highlights for 2015! I can't wait what Sab and Mish will whip up this year. :)
And as always, we didn't go home empty handed! Mothers Who Brunch always put together a nice loot bag from MWB's sponsors.
 More Glad Kitchen stuff! I'm one glad momma. Heehee!
Handmade crochet coasters by none other than Mrs. C! Follow her @crochetbymrsc on Instagram!
 Cute Christmas Tags from @noteworthy_ph
Macadamia Natural Oil Hair Treatment
 So True Naturals Baby Cologne
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I love the glass board from The Coolist! I've yet to use mine. I can't wait to move in to my new kitchen!
 Gift Wrappers from The Lunchbreak Project
 And more Pine-Sol goodies!

Thank you again Mothers Who Brunch for having me!

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