A&D Eats Roundup: Cafe Sansó and Kafé Batwan by Sarsá

Last month, I got to finally try Kafé Batwan and went back to Cafe Sansó for the second time.

Kafé Batwan by Sarsá
Lunched at Kafé Batwan with some mommies to learn more about Study Buddy (which I will tell you about in another post). I've heard good reviews about the place and I was excited to try the food!
For starters, we had:
Inasal Tofu with rocket and spinach, topped with prawns, pomelos, grilled tomatoes and ginamos vinagrette, Php295
Ensaladang Espinida with grilled tomatoes, kesong puti, pili nuts, crispy crablets and mango salted egg dressing, Php295
Crispy Tawilis with Shaved Queso de Bola, Php220, which was so good!
Trio of Pinoy Spreads with Biscocho Pandesal, Php250. The three spreads were Monggo Labuyo, Salted Egg Labuyo, and Tahong Ginamos. 
Grilled Sugarcane Porkchop with Kamote Mash, Php350
Inasal Petso With Soy Sinamak and Batwan Achara, Php225. This was tasty! There's also Inasal Paa if you don't like eating chicken breast.
Madrid Fusion Super Batchoy, Php450. 12-hour soup stock, kurobota charsiou, soft-boiled egg and tuna skin. It's like batchoy na ramen style! BOS was envious because of this. Heehee! He's originally from Visayas and he always says there's no batchoy in Manila. I should let him try this!
Chocnut Turon, Php195

Everything was good and I would like to take BOS here and hear all about his negative comments heehee! I know you're reading this. Tama ba ako? Haha!

Kafé Batwan by Sarsá
GF, Joya Tower, 28 Puaza Drive, Rockwell Center, Makati, 1201
Phone: (02) 625 5166
Instagram: @kafebatwan

Cafe Sansó
Met with my high school barkada for a post-Christmas get together last December and while choosing what restaurant to eat in, I suggested Cafe Sansó because San Juan was our middle ground. Everything was good the first time I ate here but got a bit disappointed this time around. :( But I'm still sharing what we had!
First one to arrive! And while waiting for the others to come, I ordered pasta for the kids and tried one of their sandwiches.
I ordered their best-selling Francesinha, Php350. Rye bread with layers of Jamon Serrano, chipolata sausage, sauteed wild mushroom with chive cream cheese. The whole sandwich was covered with melted mozzarella and asiago cheese in spiced beer tomato sauce. Served with potato wedges.
The kids had the Tartuffo Linguini, Php395. Linguini coated in truffle-infused cream sauce. Topped with Jamon Serrano and parmesan slivers.

And when my friends finally came, we ordered more food.
Ensalada Mixta y Gambas, Php340. Mixed mesclun medley and arugula dressed in balsamic vinaigrette. Served with flambeed prawns and candied walnuts

Churrasco Pork Belly, Php370, served with sauteed haricot verts and rosemary-infused marbled potatoes. It's not as tasty as it looks. The veggies were tastier pa.

Paella Valenciana. I had this before but it was good the first time around, the second time, not so much. I don't know why. :(

Cafe Sansó

32 V Cruz St. Little Baguio, San Juan

(0922) 894-6144
Facebook: Cafe Sansó
Instagram: @cafesanso

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