Smell Like a Star, a Doll, or Incredible with Sniff & Cuddle Baby Colognes!

Social Media's First Family, Team Kramer teamed up with Zen Zest Asia and Sniff & Cuddle Baby Cologne, with the Scent of Baby Love.
 “When Team Kramer approached Zen Zest for a fragrance partnership, I thought it was a great opportunity to take the Zen Zest fragrance brand to more Filipinos because, after all, Team Kramer is “Social Media’s First Family,” says Michelle Asence-Fontelera, Founder and President of Zen Zest Asia, Inc.

A few days before Y and I left for Hong Kong, a package was delivered to our house and it was a box filled with Sniff & Cuddle colognes and treats!
Sniff & Cuddle colognes plus some marshmallows (which made Y and R so happy heehee! and a blankie!

My kids love playing outdoors, they go to the playground as much as they can but when they come home, they would be amoy-araw or amoy-pawis! Then I started using Sniff & Cuddle in Star scent on Y and R last week, they smell so good even after playing outdoors! Now I always use it on them after showers, before play time or going out to the mall. And I love how handy the size is, I can just put it in my bag or their bag for instant refresh while we're out!
“We thought of teaming up with Zen Zest to do create a baby cologne with us. I want my kids and other kids their age to grow up with a memorable, distinctive baby cologne, like our generation did growing up,” Chesca said.

Sniff & Cuddle is made with fragrance oils from France. It doesn't only makes your kids smell good and irresistible, it also soothes and soften skin because it is made with Aloe & Oat Protein Moisturizers. Sniff & Cuddle comes in three scents which are named after the three Kramer cutie pies!

“STAR” for #KendraSuperstar has a fresh and floral scent.
“DOLL” for #ScarlettDoll has a sweet and fruity scent.

“INCREDIBLE” for #GavIncredible has a clean and powdery scent.

And last but not the least, check out Team Kramer's BTS of their Zen Zest shoot! They're super adorable, there's no doubt they're Social Media's First Family!
Make Sniff & Cuddle as a part of your daily arsenal for your kids! Sniff & Cuddle is available for only Php60 at Zen Zest outlets in malls, Boardwalk direct-selling dealers,, and soon, supermarkets and personal care stores nationwide. 

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