A&D's Baguio Break Part 3: Mini Golf, The Manor at Camp John Hay, Amare La Cucina

On our third day, we checked out of La Casa Bianca and checked-in to The Manor. This was BOS's only request because to him, Baguio is not the same without staying in The Manor! Since check-in time still at 2PM, we went to Camp John Hay first and took the kids to try Mini Golf. Last time when we went here, it was closed! I'm so happy it's now open!
I forgot how much to rent a club and golf balls, I think it was Php100+? We rented 2 clubs and 2 golf balls for the kids.
We started from Hole #1 to #18. This was around noon time so imagine how hot it was! Wrong timing haha! Go earlier, 9AM would be fine or late in the afternoon. Umitim mga mukha namin because we were all wearing long sleeves! LOL!
This boy was madaya! He would literally bring the ball nearer to the hole haha! We're wearing Adidas! R used to call it "Star Wers" I don't know why. Maybe because of the logo but now he calls it Adidas na because I always correct him. Haha!
Using what she learned in RSGK! There was a big group of Koreans before us so we had to wait for them to finish at some holes before we can proceed. The wait made me hungry haha!
Achi enjoyed our mini golf session! We also brought our Herschel Backpacks with us to this trip. Thanks to Auntie Cat for sending us these super cute backpacks!
All thirsty after mini golf! We had drinks and ice cream!
And I found these super cute Nature Spring Iced Tea Mini for Php10 only!
Played a bit at the playground
Took pictures with the firetruck and ambulance! The little boy who's so fond of cars was extra happy! Heehee!

After spending some time at the Mini Golf, we were all hungry na! It was already 2PM so we went to the Manor to check in and leave our stuff in our room and head out again for lunch!
Booked a Deluxe Room with Garden View. I requested for 1 queen bed but there's none available. After checking in and a change clothes for the kids, we went out again for some late lunch.

We had lunch at Amare inside Albergo Hotel (near Wright Park). It's Baguio's only Woodfire Brick Over Pizza! I read good reviews about the place that's why we decided to try Amare! We went there around 2PM and the place is still packed!
All of their pizzas are freshly made upon order. I just asked what their best sellers are and ordered those. I want to try their other dishes sana but I didn't want to order a lot so pizza na lang!
Your orders make take a while as they make/cook upon order.
Tre Formaggi
Sabi ni Kuya, this is their seller the "Foo Gra" hihi! Foie Gras pizza!

It's one the must-try restaurants in Baguio! I like the Tre Formaggi!  We didn't want to take home any leftovers so I didn't eat the crusts so I can have more haha! Para-paraan lang yan! Heehee! After our late lunch, we went back the hotel just in time for Y and R's Cake Decorating afternoon activity at Le Chef. They offer different kinds of activities for the kids every Saturday afternoon, I was happy we were able to catch this one! I think I paid Php300/kid for this activity. Saling pusa lang si R because the activity was for 4 years old and up!
I helped Y while I practically made R's cake haha! 
Y and R with their masterpieces which they ate in the room after! Heehee!

Y wanted to do some painting pa after their cake decorating but this momma was tired and it also rained that afternoon. We decided to just stay in for the night, eat Cup Noodles for dinner and slept early! Heehee!
Woke up early the next day to this view! It was always raining during evening but always this sunny in the morning.
Another view from our balcony!
Ordered room service for breakfast! Soaking up our last day at the City of Pines!

After breakfast and taking a bath, Y reminded me that she wanted to paint at the Kid's Corner so I brought the kids down while BOS was still getting ready.
There's a small play area for little kids who don't want to paint.
Left: Y painting with a view. Heehee! She has a knack for arts and would always do activities like this even at home. 
Right: Almost done! May blush-on pa si Hello Kitty haha!

When she was done and we still had a few hours before check-out, we went to the garden out back. They checked out the playground, took a few photos, before finally checking out of our room.
Happy kids!
Thank you The Manor for always making our stay memorable!

And that ends my Baguio Break posts. After checking out of The Manor, we made a trip to the wet market but no more photos as I didn't take my camera with me anymore. Our last meal in Baguio was McDonald's heehee because it was getting late already. We left Baguio at around 3:30PM and arrived in Manila at around 7:30PM. Fast na! Baguio ain't so far anymore!
Thank you BOS for taking us again to Baguio! To more adventures with the kulits!

Amare La Cucina
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