R is Three!

Three weeks ago, my not-so-little boy turned three years old! Huhu! I can't believe he's three na! We've graduated from his terrible two's which was not so terrible after all. He has grown into a very malikot and maloko little boy who's also very sweet!
I feel so sentimental just by looking at this photo.
His birthday always falls on Y's first week of school so it's always hectic, BOS had work and cannot take a leave plus I didn't have a yaya na by then. It's also our wedding anniversary a day after R's birthday, so you understand why I was so stressed and my mind was on a chaos. I've anticipated the busyness that's why I bought his birthday decors a month before when yaya was still around. He liked Disney Cars when I bought the decors in Divi but a month later, his like shifted to Spiderman na! Haha! But that's okay, he still likes cars in general.
I slept late the night before to set up the balloons and buntings inside our room and in our living/dining area! We had his cake made by a close friend of BOS's but it wasn't ready until two days after haha! But that's ok, I had a back up plan. R woke up to his balloons, we sang him Happy Birthday and off I go to Red Ribbon near our house to buy him a cake. 
He was so happy with his "bayoooonssss!" and a month later two of those balloons are still alive and inflated.
Y and R ate all of those twisties on the cake.
We celebrated at home with a bucket of Jollibee Chicken Joy! And a trip to the mall (with no yaya and BOS in tow) later that afternoon where all we did was play, buy toys and eat!
We rode the train then they rode the merry-go-round.
Then went to Ollie to shop for his birthday gift! He went straight for the cars.
Then ate at Nadai Fujisoba because we had to have noodles for long life! Heehee!
I survived our day out with no yaya. Wuhooo! The strategy is stick to your plan for the kids and no side trips or window shopping for momma and lots of distraction while eating hence we open his new toy at the resto so I can feed them. Hehe! And I'm happy that the birthday boy and Y were both happy too!
This was 2 days after his birthday. We picked up the cake in Valenzuela from R's Tita Hani. Not too shabby for a newbie baker right? :)

(Belated) Happy Birthday again to our little siopao, who loves cars, dinosaurs, Toy Story and Spiderman!

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