It's Been A Crazy Crazy Two Weeks!

Well, it's actually been a crazy month! We still haven't found a new yaya/helper and although we are doing okay, I really could use a rest. But nooooo... there's no rest for this momma! It's Y's first quarterly exam, she's only in Kinder, but their lessons are what I study when I was in Grade 1. Kaloka! Tutoring her is like going back to school, my Mandarin is rusty but it's a good thing I still remember what I learned. But it also doesn't help when Y can be a bit stubborn and she told me her teacher told her to clean her ears daw (Eh ano pa ba ibig sabihin non? Hahaha! Chikahan galore sa seatmate kaya walang pumasok sa ears! LOLz)
Then I'm also preparing stocks for Paper Chic Studio because we have moved in into a new home! Wuhooooo! Paper Chic Studio will be available at Common Room! Paper Chic Studio has been on a hiatus ever since Y started going to school. Roma and Maan of PopJunkLove are the brainchild of this new concept store which houses 34 crafters in one shop! And I've been running around like a headless chicken fixing my stocks and thinking of how to "style" my shelf because honestly, I didn't think it would this hard! I'm cramming!!! Aaahhhh....
With Y's exam and fixing my inventory, sourcing for props and thinking of how to style my shelf, I cannot adult!!! Seriously, my multi-tasking skills is not working. It's either that or there's too much tasks and it's making me hard to multi-task. Ang labo na! Haha! This post is mostly babbling, I just need to let this out because it's really making me crazy!!!

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  1. Congratulations, Cai! I am glad you are back, and Common Room is such a lovely place! Let's UP Town with Didi soon! Hehehe