Scott's and the #Momazing Launch!

"Being a mom is so easy!" said no mom ever! Heehee! It is one of the hardest job in the world! Hardest yet we don't get paid for it. May hugot talaga? Haha! Kidding aside, it's the best and most rewarding job when you #momazing moments like the first time they walked, said "I love you", or when you took them to watch their first live show, Hi-5. I am sure we all have our #Momazing moments to cherish and to keep in our little memory banks. 
Baguio, 2013. It's one of the best trips we had. Y would always asks us to take her back here because she was so happy in Baguio. That's was #momazing to me!

Last Mother's Day, I got to spend it with my fellow SoMoms at Scott's #Momazing Launch where Michelle Lim, Fleur Sombrero and Michelle Aventajado shared their #Momazing moments with hosts Daphne Osena-Paez and Dimples Romana.
Tina, Mish, me and Pam chatting before the event started. (Photo from
Hi there, Gelli! :)
Gorgeous momma hosts!

They shared this Scott's #Momazing video that got us all teary-eyed. Watch this and grab a tissue just in case. :)
Fleur, a full time working mom; Michelle, a stay-at-home mom and homeschools her son and tutors her daughter; Michelle, a mom of 4 and is blessed with a daughter who has Down Syndrome. All of these moms shared their #Momazing stories and moments
Scott's from GSK, the brand behind Scott's Vitamin C products, recognizes our #momazing moments and supports all moms' endeavors and celebrate these moments, which make motherhood so special.
My kids love Scott's! R thought it's candy and would always for "last na" when he finishes one. Scott's make it easy for us moms to have our children take their vitamins!
Fleur shares her story on how she juggles work and motherhood. She reminded everyone that your child should always be your first priority. She told us a funny story that when Anika was younger that she can't practice walking when Fleur isn't home because she wants to be there in every Anika's firsts.
Michelle is a full-time mom and it's true what she said that staying at home has its perks. Everyday is a chance to create more special moments with your kids. I don't know how Michelle does it, she cooks, homeschools, blogs, tutor her daughter. I need more tips from this momma!
Michelle shares her journey with Gelli who has Down Syndrome and reassured them that having a child with special needs doesn't limit the special moments. We all cried when she was sharing her story.
It was such a wonderful morning with these mommas. One of the things I learned about being a mom is we are all in this same journey together, we must not put each other down but support each other!
(Photo from
It was such a fun event to celebrate Mother's Day with the kids. There was balloon twisting (which I had two bow and arrow set made to take home for the kids), face painting, video booth, and hourly games for moms and kids.
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