My First Ever Browhaus Browgraphy Experience + #BROWHUNTPH The Browgraphy Contest

Ever since Eli (of opened up my eyes to the importance of kilay, I always put on kilay when I go out of the house. But last month, I wasn't able to groom my kilay and kind of let my brows go. Horror! Horror talaga ang sabog na kilay!!! I only go to one person who does my brows but since it's all the way in Makati, tamaditis got the best or worst of me. Then one day I went to Lucky Chinatown mall, I remembered there's a Browhaus there!
I have been wanting to try Browhaus for the longest time. I was always scared because of the rates. Haha! Attack of the kuripot. But after trying The Browgraphy, I am now a Browhaus convert!

I initially just wanted to have the basic brow shaping but then the receptionist convinced me to try their Browgraphy which is a combination of shaping and color tweak. They will color your brows that will go with your hair color!
This is me in my own "tent" before my session.
Just look how my unruly brows were! HORROR. They colored it first before shaping my brows. The brows on my left is more makapal than my right's and I can just use my K-Palette Brow Pencil to "shape" it and make it look even.

I was so happy at how my brows turned out that I availed of one of their packages. I bought three Browgraphy sessions at a discounted price! I can't wait for my next session.

I love my new brows! I forgot the name who did my brows (sorry!). But she put on some "kilay" on to show me how I should do it. Don't mind the eye bags and burger! Haha!

And this was me two days after. It's been three weeks now, I just groom it when I see tiny hairs are growing.

Check out the other services they offer and the prices! If I only have the budget, I would totally want to have the Semi-Permanent Upper Eyeliner because I don't know how to put eyeliner!

If you haven't tried Browhaus yet, you must book an appointment now! It is life changing! You'll never look at anyone's brows the same way again! Try the Browgraphy like I did and get a chance to win 15,000 Browhaus credits and a hair makeover at JuRo Salon Exclusif! Check out the mechanics below!
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