Motherhood: My Life's Greatest Teacher

When I was in my 20's, I've always said I wanted to be married by 26 and be pregnant and have babies before I turn 30 and it indeed came true. I was married by 24, pregnant at 26 with Y, gave birth to R when I was 28, I really really wanted to be a mom and I thought I giving birth was the hardest part! Wrong. Haha!
Becoming a mom is one my life's greatest teachers. Having kids has expanded my capability to love, to understand, and to be patient with my kids. All of these and more are tested by them everyday. Raizo is at the tail-end of his Terrible Two's while Yukie is at her "why" and curious stage, there's no dull moment in our house! Motherhood has given more roles than I've ever had: teacher, entertainer, driver, referee (whenever they fight), carpenter, chef, photographer and anything my kids want me to be. It is amazing how my kids see me through their eyes. It really is the best job in the world!
These two are total opposites. They have their own personalities and they often fight and I always tell them, at the end of the day, no matter what, you two are brothers and sisters and should always have each other's back.

Having the best the job in the world doesn't mean it's the easiest one too. That's why I have regular me time even it is just a trip to the grocery. 15 minutes can do so much for a mom's soul! Happy mom, happy kids, right? I've also learn to value and take care of myself not only for me but also my husband and kids. I take my kids on a mom-daughter and mom-son dates to spend quality time with each of them and I get to know them more.
Motherhood is full of surprises and uncertainties. Embrace it all! Kids grow up so fast and we all always wish that the time can stop so they can stay babies forever. But here's one thing I've realized, spend as much time as we can our kids, raise them to be the best person they can be, and every minute we invest in our kids will come back a thousand fold. Happy Mother's Day to all of us!

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