A&D's Rizal Adventure: Tipulo Restaurant, Pinto Art Museum, and Crescent Moon Cafe

Three weekends ago, my little family went on a much-awaited trip to Antipolo! BOS, the resident art enthusiast in the family, has been wanting to visit Pinto Art Museum for the longest time! 2 years in the making na ata! And finally one Sunday!

We left the house around 10AM with no plans where to have lunch. BOS and I argued pa on our way because he wanted to do this trip and he had no itinerary, no idea where to have lunch and I had to look for a place on the way. Lahat ng gusto namin kainan, nalamapasan na namin. Nakakainis diba? Heehee! And so after about 2 hours on the road, we ended up at Tipulo, a restaurant that serves modern Filipino cuisine.
Tipulo Restaurant is located inside the compound of First Pacific Leadership Academy. Lush greens, mini forest, and quiet surroundings made our lunch very much enjoyable.
We arrived just before the crowd poured in. Nice ambience. No aircon. Fresh air with Filipino food is great combination, don't you think?
Nilgang Tadyang ng Baka (Php525) - fork tender beef short ribs in rich beef stock with cabbage, corn, green beans, and sweet potatoes. This was good, my kids loved it! It's not greasy with just the right amount of vegetables and beef.
Binagoongan (Php235) - crispy pork belly tossed in homemade bagoong with tomatoes, friend eggplant, ampalaya and long yard beans. This was ok. It was like pinakbet with a side of lechon kawali.
Aligue Rice (Php275) - I didn't taste any aligue, lacks flavor. But we finished it anyways. Haha!
Mango Shake (Php95) for Achi

For more information on Tipulo, check out their Facebook page, Tipulo - Modern Filipino Cuisine.
You can also check their menu here.
To reserve, call (632) 696-3051 loc. 618

After a filling albeit mediocre lunch, we headed our way to Pinto Art Museum. Pinto Art Museum houses modern and contemporary art. It has over 300 modern paintings, sculptures, and art installations by various local artists. 
Entrance Fees:

PHP150 for regular ticket
PHP120 for senior citizens and PWD with valid IDs
PHP 75 for children and students with proper school IDs

It was an art appreciation day with the kids! After paying for entrance fees, you get a map to the museum and the menu to Cafe Tan-aw.

There are different galleries inside the museum. BOS is the art enthusiast, he was like in a candy land! As for me and the kids, we're there to appreciate. I don't really remember the names of the artists. I just took photos, lots of photos for memory keeping. :)
Left: "Mama, can I ride this horse?"
Right: Going up or down?
Pool looks inviting. It was so hot I wanted to jump into the pool!
Museum of Indigenous Art
This is one of my favorite galleries.
After checking out the galleries, I got tired walking and chasing around R. Plus it was so hot, I needed a moment to rest and we ended up here.
Pinto Cafe. I wanted to stay and try what the cafe offers but the kids were becoming restless and we wanted to finish all the galleries.
Love this chair!
Silly kids being silly! Imitating the painting at the back. Heehee!
Thank you Pinto for that wonderful afternoon!

We made our last stop at Crescent Moon Cafe to buy some suman. Too bad the cafe was already closed but we were able to take home frozen suman! Yay!
I love their suman! We've had it for merienda, breakfast, for my birthday and for dessert! 

I had a great time with my family. It was a different kind of family day than the usual malls we go to on Sundays. If you are into art, why not spend one weekend in Rizal, visit Pinto and make sure to plan where you eat. I want to go back to Rizal to eat at the places where we planned to eat but didn't get to. I'm looking at you, BOS! Heehee!
Oh and before I forget, there's an "entrance fee" to the Grand Heights where Pinto Art Museum is.

For more information on Pinto Art Museum and Crescent Moon Cafe:
Facebook: Pinto Art Museum
Twitter: @pintoartmuseum

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