Chips Ahoy! Ice Cream Creations Launch

About a month ago, Y and I went to Mall Of Asia for Chips Ahoy!'s Ice Cream Creations launch! It was such a fun event it felt like we were in a birthday party!
There's game booths, photo booth, key chain making, face painting, balloon twisting, and more! I loved the Chips Ahoy! themed booths! We earn Chips Ahoy! money every time we play, win or lose.
There's Cookie Puzzle and shooting the ball to the elephant's mouth!

One of the best booths which Y and I both enjoyed was the Create Your Own Ice Cream Sandwich booth!
They gave us the ice cream sandwich...
Then you roll your ice cream sandwich to any or all of these toppings...
Et voila! It's so yummy!!! I keep on telling Y that we'll do this at home.

We were also treated to a magic show and a exhibition by the Teng brothers!
There was a short program and people got to join games and win more Chips Ahoy! money. I was in line with Y for the face painting so we didn't get to join any games.
It feels like we're also in a carnival!
There was also a magic show which the kids and kids at heart enjoyed!
We were in line here for an hour!
Then the Ten Brothers came out to impress us with their basketball skills! Ang dami nilang fans ha!
I'm Peppa Pig! Oink! Thank you Chips Ahoy! for a very delightful afternoon! She loved her Peppa Pig face paint!

If you haven't tried any of Chips Ahoy! Ice Cream Creations, go to your nearest grocery and try all flavors!
Dulce De Leche, Root Beer Float, and Mint Chocolate Chip!

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