A&D Travels: Ten Tips To Safe and Fuel-Efficient Driving

I've been driving for maybe twelve years now. I started learning how to drive before college and as practice, we (me and all of siblings) drive our mom to the palengke every Sunday until I was allowed to drive alone to and from school, then the occasional beach trips with my college friends or to the province every summer, then to the office, then now I drive my daughter to school! 

In those twelve years, it is either my dad, brother or BOS who would always remind me about checking the car, tires, and etc. But two weeks ago, it was my first time to travel only with the kids and yaya (without BOS) for our Halloween Trip and Treats at Hotel Kimberly Tagaytay. Good thing about the car was I had the oil changed just a month before that and we always have extra brake fluid, engine oil, lubricant, etc at the back of the car.
Even with all those, it is important for us to make smart decisions on how we use and maintain our vehicle, how we drive and which products we use for our vehicles. All of these can be factor on how fuel-efficient driver we are on the road! 

Here's Ten Tips to Safe and Fuel-Efficient Driving:
1. Drive smoothly and avoid high speeds.
Maintain a steady speed. Avoid braking or accelerating too quickly as this burns more fuel. Keep your hands on the steering wheel as even as possible.
The faster you, the more wind resistance you encounter, hence more fuel is consumed.

2. Plan your trips.
Always know which routes to take. Sometimes the shortest distance is not always the most efficient one to take. I'm so glad that Waze exists! It helps me avoid traffic and get to my destination the fastest way.
Waze rocks!
For trips 10 kilometers or more away from our house, I plan or schedule my errands, play dates, or other things I need to do within the same vicinity.
And it doesn't hurt bring snacks in the car so the kiddos won't get hungry! Oreos FTW!

3. Avoid carrying excess weight.
Did you know your fuel efficiency can drop for every 100lbs (45kg) you carry in your car? If you have any roof rack or other things inside your car that you don't use, remove them!

4. Maintain the right tire pressure.
I am very paranoid about getting a flat tire! When we were on NLEX last June, I noticed our car was "heavier", only to find out one of the tired was under inflated by 6psi. OMG! So now I always check my tires at least once a week, before going on a long trip or when you visit your favorite retail station. 
Maintain the ideal tire pressure of 30psi.

5. Do preventive car maintenance and check-ups.
Use high quality lubricant, change worn our spark plugs and replace clogged air filters. A dirty engine and how well a car is maintained affects fuel efficiency.
The car getting its check-up done!

6. Check your fuel cap.
Make sure the fuel cap is properly screwed on every after gas up to prevent fuel from evaporating.

7. Avoid excess idling.
Idling is a sure way to burn more fuel. Turn off your engine if you have to stay for more than 10 seconds. I didn't know that! Must remember this.

8. Keep your windows closed.
Driving with windows open slows down the car down. And it makes your hair unruly and matigas hair hihi

9. Avoid rush hour.
Who loves traffic? I don't think anyone does. Wake up earlier and spend less time stuck in traffic!
Don't we wish we drive on empty roads everyday!

10. Make a good choice and fill with Shell FuelSave!
Shell FuelSave, a regular priced fuel, contains active efficiency ingredients that can help improve your fuel efficiency. When combined with fuel-efficient driving habits, Shell FuelSave can help your fuel last longer!
Check www.shell.com.ph/targetonemillion for more road safety tips!

For our trip to Tagaytay, I chose to gas up with Shell V-Power Nitro Racing, which was also the first time our car was filled up with 97 Octane.
I was pretty surprised on how efficient Shell and our car is. Look at the photo below!
Shell SLEX - Hotel Kimberly - San Pablo City, Laguna 
And just about 1/6 consumed!

And another thing I am excited about whenever I gas up at Shell is you get to collect the new Shell x Lego collectibles!
Check www.shell.com.ph for more details!


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