My Before-Bedtime Combo: The Morning Rush Podcast + Sudoku

I am currently addicted to my iPad Mini. This all started when Y started going to school and I had to stay and wait for her until dismissal time. The iPad Mini became my best friend in these three months and counting and my before-bedtime routine because of two reasons.

One: I love Sudoku. I love solving each puzzle! And I love it even more when it's challenging so it's a must that I have it in my iPad Mini.
Solve The Impossible!
Two: I've recently started listening to The Morning Rush Podcast because I don't get to listen to the show from start to finish and listening while playing Sudoku is the perfect combo for me! BOS would find me laughing and smiling by myself (because I use the headphones when listening) and maybe thinks his wife has gone crazy hahaha! He would often ask me why but I just can't explain Chico's humor, Delle's (close?!) corny jokes, or how Gino is mean to Chico and Delle.
 Yes, I have both of their Top 10 Books, the only missing is their autograph! I want it signed! Someday...
I've been a long fan of Chico and Delamar ever since elementary then somehow stopped listening to radio  and only started listening again three years ago  then more now because I take Y to school.
The Morning Rush Podcast is so entertaining and addicting that there are times when I listed to three podcasts in one night I sleep so late and can't get up the next morning hahaha! Buti na lang hindi pa kami nalelate ni Y sa school.. LOL!

I really really want to meet the Kikay Barkada! Hopefully soon...  :)
How about you? Do you have a before-bedtime routine?


  1. Hey Cai! I was searching ok Ikea easel and this post came up. Did get you get to buy? Would you know if the box of the Mala easel would fit the balikbayan box?

  2. Hi Lorena!

    I was able to buy here in Mobler pero it was on sale so pwede na. I bought it at Php1,500 ata. The box of the easel is tall and flat. Not sure about the balikbayan box. Are you going to HK?

  3. not anytime soon but I was going to have my sister get me one from the States. naku I want that Php1500 easel! kaso I'm sure tapos na sale :(