A&D Eats: Cafe Monaco, Banawe, Quezon City

When you're in Banawe and looking for a place to eat, you must try Cafe Monaco! 
The last time I was here was 6 or 7 years ago pa!

Cafe Monaco is a hole-in-a-wall restaurant. They serve Korean, Japanese, sandwiches, crepes, and more! And what I like about the food is it's good and very affordable!
Cafe Monaco Menu

We had dinner here last week with my mom and the kids. Here's what we ordered:
I had the Korean Beef Stew with Kimchi Rice. The beef portion looks small but it's just right and it goes well with the mild spiciness of the Kimchi Rice.
 My mom had the  Bibimbap. You can have the meat changed to pork or chicken if you don't eat beef like my mom.
Beef Ramen for the kids which they wiped out!

Filling and good dinner for a pocket-friendly price! That's the best combo, in my opinion! My sister and a friend said to try their halo-halo but we were too full na from dinner. Must come back for that and for their crepes!

Cafe Monaco
647 Banawe St., Sienna, Quezon City

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