Get Connected With PLDT heyÜ and Win Awesome Prizes!

Technology makes our lives so much easier and convenient and it is now a necessity! I don't think I can live without internet! And this makes connecting with my family and friends so much easier! I live near my parents, grandma and SIL but we don't get to see each other everyday, one of my sisters is in another city while the other one is in the province naman so we make sure we get to talk online and send each other photos and videos of the kids and their cousins!
PLDT heyÜ is a new fun way to connect with your friends and family! PLDT heyÜ features life free & unlimited heyÜ to Ü calls and heyÜ to PLDT landline calls nationwide, P5/min for calls to SMART, Talk 'N Text and Sun, as low as P1.50/min. for calls to U.S.A. Mainland, Canada, and Hawaii, group chats, secrets messaging, video calls, stickers, and emojis, learn a number of different new ways to say hello with the new heyÜ.

I love that heyÜ is a locally designed communication app specifically created for the digitally active Filipino family. heyÜ is very easy to use!
1. Sign up and register your details
2. Download the app at or Google Play Store
3. Plug in the username and password provided by PLDT upon registration
4. You're good to go!

Still clueless about PLDT heyÜ? Watch this video to learn more and win prizes too! 
heyÜ uses the wide network of PLDT to ensure clear, quality, and consistent connections for its subscribers. Voice calls to and from other heyÜ subscribers, and to all PLDT landlines nationwide are free and unlimited. When users want more than just voice calls and instant messages, they can take advantage of heyÜ to heyÜ video calls, which are also free and unlimited. Over 10,000 heyÜ subscribers are already enjoying this new feature!

I am super excited to try heyÜ app with my friends and family. Instant messaging is fun and interactive with heyÜ. Group chats are our thing. You can even meet new friends thru chatrooms. Send photos, videos, stickers and emojis thru the heyÜ Sticker Market!

heyÜ Instant Messaging features
Peer-to-peer instant messaging.
Private group chat
Public chatrooms
Delivered, read, and typing indicators
Secret messaging
Rich media attachments
Images from Google Play

Enjoy best and value-for-money heyÜ call rates and get in touch with your friends and family, here and abroad without the fear of bill shock! Get the latest chismis from your barkada, updates on your relatives abroad or where will your next family get together be!
Calls to Smart, Talk 'N Text, and Sun subscribers are at only P5 per minute, while IDD calls to US, China, Canada, and Hawaii are as low as P1.50 per minute while heyÜ to heyÜ calls and PLDT landline calls nationwide are free!
Other new heyÜ features include secret messaging, auto-buddy matching, application geo-locking, and application geo-blocking.
Getting started with heyU is easy as 1-2-3! Simply download the
app and tap the “REGISTER” button.
You will be prompted to input your account details, including your PLDT Account Number. Upon completing the form and account verification, you will receive an e-mail confirmation with your login credentials. Launch the heyÜ app and enter the username and password e-mailed to you to get started.Log on to for more information. 
Register now and not only get all these privileges and perks of a heyÜ user, but win exciting prizes!
Click here for more details!

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