Birthday Play At Kidzville, SM Aura

My kids loved Kidzville at The Podium, we spent R's birthday there. Y's been bugging me to go back and before Y's birthday, I found out that Kidzville opened another branch in SM Aura and decided to take the kids there.
It was still on soft opening when we went on Y's birthday.
It was a Saturday so it was pretty packed!
Kidzville Aura has a different theme than the one in Podium. It has that futuristic, cosmic theme going on. 
The kids loved that boat on the bottom right photo where you can play with rubber duckies!

I don't have any idea how yaya and R were able to go way up there! Haha!
 Y was a bit scared with this room upstairs. You can play pretend crazy doctors here hehe!

You can play pretend fireman and put out fire too!

Or play construction workers. Oh how fun!

Although my kids enjoyed their time in Kidzville Aura, I think my kids like the one in Podium more. It's more toddler-friendly, bigger space, there's the big slides plus us adults can move freely. I had a hard time going up the tree going to the small slide. Bigger kids will get to enjoy this Kidzville Aura.

Check Kidzville Aura and bring your kids and enjoy the fun! Here's the rates:
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