A&D Eats: Akira, The Art of Sushi and Teppantaki

Few of the things I look for when dining out is nice ambiance, good food, and child-friendly. And Akira in Robinson's Magnolia is just all that and more!
Akira is a teppanyaki restaurant which is inspired by the fictional story of Akira, the legendary Teppanyaki Chef of Japan who trained and fought the fire god Kagutsuchi to save Sayuri, his beloved. I had a chance to try Akira in Shangri-la Mall about two months ago with my mom and aunt. I got to their bento box and of course ramen for the little girl. But this tie, me and the SoMoms got to try their specialty, which is teppanyaki!

I like the ambiance and interior in Akira in Robinson's Magnolia! It's smaller than the one in Shangri-la and it is more intimate here. Reminds me a bit of Banzai (because they're from the same restaurant group!)
Nice interiors noh? Perfect for date nights too!

And if you are a regular reader of my blog, you know that one of my current addictions are Japanese plates! So imagine my excitement too while dining at Akira!
Excited to eat!

While waiting for our food to be cooked by Chef Lucky, we were served with Akira Rolls.
Spicy soft shell crabs on top. This was so yummy! Dipped it in soy sauce with wasabi! I had two. Wished I had more heehee!

Akira offers premium items such as U.S. Wagyu Rib-Eye and Japanese Wagyu, Kobe, and U.S. Tenderloin. They also offer Teppanyaki Group Specials which what we had. 
We had Group Set C.
All group specials  are inclusive of miso soup, chicken, shrimp, and Japanese fried rice.
What was about to be cooked!! 
This is Chef Lucky sanitizing before cooking
Miso soup for starters
I ordered the Chasiu Ramen in Shoyu Soup Base for Y! She liked it.
Chef Lucky cooked everything in front of us. Oh what a treat! Everything was good! 
3 sauces: one for chicken, seafood and beef
Chicken was tender
It was my first time to try Wagyu and oh it was heaven! Grabe!
I love rice and this Japanese rice is a winner!
Shrimp and veggies!

The Teppanyaki Group Specials is good for 3-4 persons. Serving is just right. It was so filling that I didn't eat dinner anymore! We also had dessert which Y thoroughly enjoyed!
Tempura Ice Cream! 

Looking for a date place or for a family lunch place? I think Akira is just perfect! You can choose from the variety of the Group Specials and try their sushis!
And Akira is having Koto Music  for the month of August! Check the dates below!
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