Better Together with Oreo and Transformers

Two weeks ago, Oreo invited the SoMoms to an exclusive screening of Transformers: Age of Extinction at the Resorts World Cinema. I loved the first three Transformers movie, at one point I had them all in my iPod and so I can watch them whenever I want. Actually I didn't know that there was a new Transformers movie! Hindi na ako updated sa Hollywood chizmiz, must read Perez Hilton na again! Siya pa din ba ang uso? Hahaha. Anyways, it was my first time going to Resorts World so me and Y left the house early and we got there just in time but parking was full na! I was considering taking the shuttle from Lucky Chinatown to Resorts World nga at first!
First time to watch a movie in Resorts World!
Excited Y before she got bored hihi
I brought Y with me to the movie screening. I was prepping her about the movie because I know she gets scared with "robots". She was excited about watching a movie but I was not so sure with Transformers knowing it was a an almost 3-hour movie but she was looking forward to it nonetheless. We arrived the same time with Neva, went to the movie house, got our Oreo gift packs, took photos and raided the dessert buffet! Heehee! The Oreo Pannacotta was so good! Y liked it!
Optimus Prime and Bumble Bee! Did not get a chance to have a photo with them because Y is not so fond of them. Heehee!
Oreo Dessert Bar!

Mommy Fleur checking out the dessert bar
Yummy cupcakes!

And finally after people settled in, there was a short program and a raffle where Fleur, Michelle, Tina and Mish all won prizes! Yay! Movie finally started at around 7:30PM.
Y is excited because of the little tray where we can put all the food. Hehe! Simple joys nga naman :)
Yay for our Oreos!
I had this cupcake while waiting for the movie to start. Yummy!
This commercial of Oreo x Transformers was on loop while we were waiting for the movie to start. Mukhang hindi aabot sa lalamunan ni Optimus Prime yun Oreo hehehe!
Transformers: Age of Extinction takes place five years after the invasion in Chicago in the Transformers: Dark of the Moon. The human cast is entirely new! I only found out about that 2 days before! With Mark Wahlberg and Stanley Tucci on the starring roles, I didn't recognize na the other casts but of course there's always a hot girl involved. Heehee!
Photo from IMDB
I loved the three previous Transformers movie but this one... I didn't like that all of them look so high-tech and "human". One of the Autobots has "balbas", smokes and umuuno-ubo pa! They're robots!!! And they seem to be indestructible. The movie was a bit dragging that Y got bored and asked me if we can go home na. Sayang I didn't get to finish but I heard they went to Hong Kong or China.

Is it me lang or they look too modern?
Photo from IMDB
But ok lang kasi we got to take home the new limited Transformers flavors: Prime Berry Creme and Action Fruit Creme 
Have you tried these new flavors yet?
So excited to see yellow and blue fillings inside Oreos!
Limited edition packaging too with free Transformers stickers which can collect and get you a chance to win amazing prizes from Oreo!

I'm sure you've already noticed the Oreo x Transformers contest banner on the right. It's actually  very easy to join!
Then click Oreo Lab Grab
Let's get ready to play!
 Then enter your promo code... 
which can be found at the back of the stickers
or the barcode at the back of the individual packs
You get 5 entries automatically upon entering the code! And can earn more by playing the game!
Rules are easy peasy!
I got 59 entries plus 5 more when I shared it on my Facebook wall. I wanna win that trip to Universal Studios Hollywood!

And you can also win instant prizes like tumblers and travel luggage trolley  when you pick up the Oreos with cream filling! So what are you waiting for? Go to your nearest grocery and hoard Oreos na!

Happy joining and good luck to us all!

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