#BetterMe: Investing In Myself In The Next Five to Ten Years

Whenever I hear the word "investing" or "investment", I automatically think investing financially.  But it's not always the case. For a #BetterMe session with Coach Pia last February (yes, I know ang tagal na....), I learned a different investment.
Revelation tayo... I've had really bad past relationships and issues with my parents when I was in my teenage years. I won't divulge any information (sorry, no chismis hehe) but attending Coach Pia's Better Me sessions helped me understand why I was like I was when I was in younger. I really neglected myself and invested myself into others.

I need and want to be a Hero for my family and kids. Our #BetterMe session was based on Coach Pia's book which is "Born To Be a Hero". Heroism in the sense of committing to personal development. What is your capacity to invest in yourself? Hirap sagutin diba? It's like judging yourself. But for our own good naman.
Coach Pia shared about the Hero Meter. It's a measurement based on your commitment to personal growth, ability to identify and to accept your strengths and weaknesses and capacity to make the best decisions you can, given a cerrtain situation or experience your are facing. This applies so much on how we parent our children and dealing with relationship issues with your husband. I have found myself questioning myself kung I have applied it on myself. Hirap talaga but I'm here to learn and expand my knowledge for a #BetterMe!

There are five Hero Meters. 
1. As a HERO, I have an understanding that: success begins with me but it is not about me.
2. Focus = Do I have an ability to be silent? How comfortable am I with evaluating the decisions that I have made?
3. Do I have the ability to name my feelings and know the reason behind them? How difficult or how easy is it for me to name the root emotions underneath the feelings that are apparent?
4. What is my ability to open up and how my vulnerability? Can I freely express my deep love and concern for another person even if it makes me (or them) feel uncomfortable?
5. Do I have the ability to work without seeking recognition? When I look back at the events of the pass weeks or months can I say that all honesty that I made decisions without seeking recognition?

I try to practice this as much as I can. Sometimes my patience is tested when it comes to teaching the kids but it is essential that I start investing myself and be a good role model to my kids.

And of course the #SoMoms would like to thank Sambo Kojin for the venue and food! Yum yum Japanese food with great company of the SoMoms!
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