sparkleLAB: An Awesome Kind Summer Workshop!

Have your kids tried every summer workshop there is? Or maybe they're not interested with the usuals? Why not have them try sparkleLAB? sparkleLAB offers a different kind of summer programs which will make your kids and teens say "Awesome!" after!
sparkleLAB is a design & production studio + toy factory + innovation lab. And last week, some of the SoKids were able to try their Toy Making workshop!
Here's Teacher Rosanna!
First, the kids were given books to look at to look for something they would like to do or look for  "inspiration"
Then we were given papers to draw how we want our toys look like. Y chose to make a panda.
Well, I was the one who drew it. Hehe!
What I love about the drawing part is Rosanna encourages the kids to use their own imagination for the colors, how it will look like, etc. Then we show it to Rosanna and she gives us materials (felt, faux fur, thread, and more)  to use.
Here's the drawing and our half made panda! I don't know how to sew, I only know running stitch. Hihi!
And here's our finished product! A whimsical panda! Y loved it! (Well she should!, hahaha!)
And here's sweet little Gabbie with her cat and Y with her panda
Thank you Janice and Rosanna for inviting us! We had a great afternoon!
For more information and a peek of sparkleLAB workshops, check their Facebook and Instagram accounts!
Facebook: sparkleLAB
Instagram: @sparklelabph

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