On Holding Back and Letting Go

Y is going to pre-school na this June and I'm not ready yet! Naiiyak ako every time I think about it and now April is almost over and only two months to go before she officially becomes a pre-schooler! Oh my, milestone ito sa buhay ko! Nagpapaaral na ako!
My baby girl is no longer a baby :(

She's been to her soon-to-be school once during her interview. I've explained everything to her, that she should listen to her teacher, etc. etc. And she has been excited ever since! While I'm also excited for her, my heart is also breaking. My baby is no longer a baby :(

Last Sunday, during the Easter Egg Hunt in Greenbelt. I thought parents were allowed to be with the kids while they egg hunt, but noooo, parents are not allowed! Kahit gusto ko man sumama, I said to myself, this will be a test for me (emotionally) and also for Y if she can follow my instruction (because she was not listening to the host at English kasi.. heehee) I really almost not allow Y to join. As in. But my mind says otherwise.
My sweaty bunny!

I have to peel my hard protective shell . It was not easy! Naiiyak ako while writing this. Whyyyy! Heehee!  I know she'll be somehow be pushed by the bigger kids and maybe cry. Well, she was pushed but didn't cry. She was too happy to hunt eggs! She was skipping at natataranta while getting eggs, It was so cute! Sayang walang photo because I had to carry R!
When I saw her bucket filled with eggs, I was super happy! I'm so proud of my not so little girl, I wanna cry! Heehee! I've learned to loosen up for moments like this. I cannot protect my kids forever. Ayaw ko naman silang maging lampa noh. I was scared talaga to "let go" but these are little "teaching moments" for them, to learn to be independent, be around other kids, and other life skills. Easier said than done! But I'm getting there.

Y, please please don't grow up so fast!

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