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Strip: Ministry Of Waxing, the first international concept waxing boutique since 2002, has thriving outlets in London, New York, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Manila, Bangkok, Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur.
Strip Manila is now offering a new service called IPL Ace. IPL Ace you say?
IPL ACE is a semi-permanent 2-in-1 treatment that reduces hair growth and rejuvenates skin by stimulating collagen production. IPL Ace is available for underarms, Brazilian, half leg bottom and full face.

And how does IPL Ace works and different from other hair removal system? IPL ACE uses the same advanced IPL technology use in Strip for semi-permanent hair reduction. Using a gradual heating system, heat is built up to a target level to . 

And to show you how IPL Ace can benefit you, here are some videos for more information!

And I was able to have a free trial of the IPL Ace. It was my first time to try any system for hair removal and I must say I was impressed!
This is how their room looks like. Very clean.
This the THE machine!

The technician gave me a pair of shades to wear, they also wear one themselves. They explain each procedure to me before doing it.
The procedure lasted around 15 minutes. It was painless which was super great!
Easy and painless.

I'd have to say that I would love do this if only I have time. I shall find time in the near future! To give you a more idea on how many sessions you would need.

Results can be observed immediately after the first treatment and are more noticeable usually after 4 to 6 sessions. As a guide
•Customers can see 10-15% textural improvement per session
•Results are much more significant usually from the 4th session and best at 6th. New collagen formation takes time to complete – 2 to 6 months on average. Treatment intervals should be 4 weeks for face treatments and 5-6 for body treatments.

**IPL Ace is available to woman clients as of now.
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