Lock & Lock Opens at The New Shangri-La East Wing

I've been a long user and fan of Lock & Lock!

When I had my first job in 2007, my mom bought me and my sister a matching glass food container. It was Lock & Lock! It was my first time to see and know of "baunan" that is glass. I was impressed! In 2012, when I had to live in a condo alone, I hoarded food containers for my leftover food and when I had to cook a batch of ulam for baon the next week. Lock & Lock was my best friend and still is!
Last December, the SoMoms were invited to the newly opened Lock & Lock store in Shangri-La's East Wing.
Lock & Lock not only offers different containers but also cooking wares! I am in need of a new wok/deep pan and I'm happy to discover Lock & Lock's new line! But first, here's a peek into the store.
They always have a SALE rack (who doesn't love that 4 letter word!) and they also gift sets that are perfect for giveaways!
Storage and more storage containers for your every need!
Comes in different shapes and sizes
For the OC in you, I hoarded these! (Photo grabbed from Go! Jackie Go!

Another great product by Lock & Lock is the Boroseal Glass Containers!
They're heat-safe, cool-safe and odor resistant! Lock & Lock Boroseal glass and other tempered glasses are different! Mommies, take note! Unlike tempered glasses, Lock & Lock Boroseal glass uses  materials that contain strong heat resistant properties which could withstand sudden change in temperature. It can withstand  temperature up to 400C.  What's also great about it is you can also use it for your oven and use it as bakeware (just take off the lid)!
I, myself have experienced glass containers splitting in half after heating it in the microwave! Horror! So don't buy those cheap glass containers! I've learned my lesson! Remember it should always be quality over quantity!

The Lock & Lock E-Cook Deco is made of high quality, lightweight
aluminum material, offering a great long lasting durability. This is on my wishlist! As the current wok we're using is about to give up on us!

And the star of the day, the Speed Cook, which can cut your cooking time into half! I think most of the SoMoms got one
of these!
Little Juro thinks it's a steering wheeel hehe!

The Speed Cook was put into test by the SoMoms to prove you don't need any cooking oil to cook! The challenge was to cook as many pancakes as you can!
Phenomenal Mama VS Manila Fashion Observer!
MFO won the challenge and got herself a Speed Cook! Yay! And yes it doesn't stick! Ang galing!

What's so great about the Speed Cook and E-Cook that it works with electric stove! I have to be particular when buying because we use an electric stove and not all are compatible with it! I'm so happy with my Speed Cook. My helper was also amazed!
Thank you Lock & Lock for having us!

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