A&D Eats: Sulyap Gallery, San Pablo City, Laguna

Last January, we had a little road trip to the south. My sister and I and our families went to Laguna to visit our parents.
Road trip!

We arrived around late afternoon And our kids had funny outfits that afternoon. Hehe!
G in his skimpy shorts and R in his  Risky Business outfitey. Hehehe!

It was pretty late to drive around Papa wanted us to have dinner at home so we had a hot pot night. The kids played at home and I had some throwback Thursday going on with old letters, cards and what nots from my elementary up until my college days.
Exercise bench turned into a slide!
Who remembers this?

Next day was our day of adventure!  But first a photo at our famous wall! Sayang little A wasn't able to come with us.
My cutiepies!

Pap took us around the city and to the famous Sampaloc Lake where we used to go to have dinner by the lake and had our driving lessons. Oh childhood memories!
View from top. Stopped her for some picture taking then went down by the lake for more picture taking!
My little boy wanted to join the dance practice of these students. Hehe!

Then we had some isaw and buco joice! I love slow days like these and bonding time with my family.
Nothings get's fresher than this!
Ang mura ng isaw!!! We had a pre-lunch appetizer near the lake before going to lunch. We had been having our vacation in Laguna since we were babies, we rarely get to when we started working. So when we went back this time, we wanted to eat at some place new. I did some research and told Pap we wanted to have lunch at Sulyap Gallery. Well, for my Papa who likes Chinese food and only Chinese food said locals don't eat at Sulyap daw. It's more of a tourist spot.
Basically, Sulyap Gallery is a museum/galery/cafe/bed and breakfast! It also has function halls for any type of occasion. Whew. It also says in their Facebook that it has a swimming pool.
I forgot to take photos inside the cafe. There's also tables upstairs but we chose to sit at the ground floor area.

We ordered most of their specialty, well we asked what are their recommendations are. While waiting for the food to arrive, which was kind of matagal din. We explored the place a bit.
Casa de Alitagtag. This ons one fo their Boutique hotels. It has 4 rooms.
Love charming places like this!

And food was served just in time we finished have photo ops and exploring the place!
Pako Salad. First time to try this and loved it!!!
Kare Kare!
Carbonara for the noodle loving Y.
Tulingan Pasta which we all liked.
Kulawong Talong with Grilled Pork. This was my favorite and also an original San Pablo recipe.
Grilled Bangus Belly!

We had a super filling lunch! I would have ordered coffee and dessert if we weren't in a hurry to leave. Thanks Papa and Mommy for the lunch! Next time, let's take the kids to Villa Escudero naman!

Cocoland Comp. Brgy del Remedio , San Pablo, Philippines 4000
Contact: +49 5629 735

Map on how to get to Sulyap:

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