Thank You, 2013. Hello, 2014!

2013 was a great year. So much opportunities, blessings came my way. I couldn't be more THANKFUL and GRATEGUL! It was the year I faced my greatest challenge, quit my job and become a full time mom and mompreneur and it has been great!

For 2014, it will be the year I will get fit and healthy. I've been wanting to loose weight for the longest time and I'm just so tamad. Exercise was on and off and I vow to make this year our "healthiest". I'm not jumping into fad diets or go totally organic. I'll do it slowly but surely! 

And in line with being healthy, I promise to try to take care of my skin as well! Or just stop being LAZY at all and start moving my (big fat) ass to doing anything I want.

Have a great 2014!!! Cheers!

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