Happy Third Blog Anniversary!

A&D is celebrating it's 3rd blog anniversary today! I've got a few blog giveaways lined up just for you! I couldn't be more thankful for what this blog has brought. I gained friends, opportunities, blessings and more.  I hope I'll have more years in blogging to share my stories and mishaps! I hope you don't get tired reading this blog

I've set some blogging goals this year. First business is to give this a blog a make over, shift to another platform and nicer look. And hopefully hindi ako tamarin! With so much things I do in a day, sometimes the last thing on m mind is this blog. Second, to write better so I can tell my stories better! Third, take photos using my camera rather than my iPhone taking over most of the photos here. Ok, that's it. Doable goals!

Don't forget to join my Rio Mints giveaway! And stay tuned for more giveaway!

Happy anniversary to me!

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