A&D 3rd Anniversary Giveaway: Mom 24/7 2014 Planner

Yes another giveaway!

This time it's a Mom 24/7 Planner! I love using this planner! I used the 2013 planner and what I like about it is I can write down all of my schedule, events and even my kids'! But this time, they made it even better.

The 2014 edition of the planner maintains its promise of being “The Ultimate Mom Planner” by getting our modern moms organized and on track through its specialized pages. It contains a family vacation planner, health record trackers, an expenditure monitor, Child’s Info Sheet, Grocery Essentials and more
All of these keep moms on top of every detail.

Apart from all the hustle and bustle of everyday errands and responsibilities, the Mom 24/7 planner bears pages of inspiration. The planner’s contents will also nurture a mother’s well-being. Get to read through other motherhood experiences and learn from simple joys that enable other women to reflect on their individuality and emanate positivity.

I'm giving away 1 copy of Mom 24/7 Planner 2014! Joining is easy-peasy! Just use the Rafflecopter widet below!

Good luck!!!


  1. I want other moms to know that it's okay not be perfect - I'm far from it and yet my baby is a really happy healthy one. You just have to acknowledge your weakenesses, be humble enough to ask for help and ask questions, and do the best you can but still leave a bit of space for yourself. And enjoy! :)

    - Yem Li

  2. I want other moms to know, or soon to be moms like me that whatever your past was, good or bad, left it all behind because your baby is worth it, worth all your sacrifices, happiness and everything life may offer. Also, enjoy being with your child always, savor each moment because they grow up pretty fast! :)

  3. I want other moms or moms-to-be to know that being a mom is priceless duty. You're being paid with love and happiness. It's not always easy to take care a kid but just remember that there's always a laughter after every tears. :)

  4. being a sahm aint bad! i know how some mommies are frustrated that they are just a sahm especially if they had work before they gave birth. but fret not mommies because you get to reap the rewards by witnessing all the milestones of your kids. you get to bond and play with them. and just one kiss or hug from them is the best payment you'll ever receive.

  5. If it is at all possible, maintain some contact with the community while being a SAHM. Volunteer in non-youth related activities or work even one day a week. When your kids are self-sufficient and you want or need to work it's tough to find a job after a long hiatus.

  6. That the best part about being a mother is seeing my daughter grow up.
    Each day is such a wonder! It gives me so much joy to see her smiles, hear her
    laughter, feel herwarm hugs and wet kisses… and the most memorable moment for me was when I first held her. I would always remember that for the rest of my

  7. as for a mom like me we should always think positive and be happy always for our kids, i been raising my kids technically alone coz my husband need to work away,we should always learn from our mistake and try to be happy no matter what life takes us..

  8. To be honest I'm not a mom.. but based on my friend that is already a mom she said this..

    "at a young age for me as a mother is not an easy task because there us a lot of task to do especially I'm a student-mom, but its a wonderful experience being a mom cause even I'm tired just seeing my daughter makes me happy and stress free.."

  9. Not a mom yet but I have a 3 year old nephew who I adore so much, I see how much my sister loves her son, He's really the greatest gift that we received from GOD, Though its really tiring to look after a toddler but everything is worth it every time he hugs or kisses you and looks into your eyes and gives that BIG SMILE that is super cute.

  10. Being a mom is not a joke, it is messy, it gives you eyebags and its not all glamorous as every single woman sees it, it makes a woman do the impossible , juggling almost all task imaginable and unimaginable. But what fuels a mother to go on everyday with this "hardships", its your child. The laughter, the smiles, the kisses , the unconditional love that you get from your little one. Having someone that entirely depends everything to you makes you feel special and strong. Its a gift of God, learning how to gentle , loving , caring and everything to another human being aside from yourself. Each mom has their own stories to tell, but for me, I am still at awe of what I have received.

  11. I'm a OFW i been away from my son for a long time last year i decided to go home(phils.) for good i thought i would be easy to be close to my son. he knows that i'm his mom he called me mommy but at night he never want to sleep with me a lot of things that i didn't know about my son those little things he want to do or even his favorite toy or favorite food, i cried at night bcoz i i realized that i left him at the very young age thinking i can give him a better future i missed a lot of things about him, things that i cant bring back, i thought preparing for his future & giving things he needed was enough to call you a mom but i'm wrong seeing your kids growing & making them feel you love them is the best part of being a Mom , now i'm here for good i'm trying to show him & let him feel how much i love him i spending all my days with my son i know i can never bring back those days but i'm now starting to create a priceless moment with him,,,

  12. Advise i'd like everyone to know is that breastfeeding is really the best gift we can give our child. I breastfed my baby since the day he was born till he reached the age of 3. From breast to sippy cup never used a bottle. He is healthy and never got seriously sick when i gave him breast milk. :)

  13. Hey! thanks for the replacing cocoa for milo!!! it was great! though i will make some suggestions for the recipe:

    2 tbs melted butter
    2 tbs of water
    Little salt
    3 tbs of milo
    4 tbs flour
    3 tbs sugar

    After microwaving it, refrigerate for 10 minutes! :D

  14. happy anniversary and more power to your blog :)

  15. Thanks Stefany! Will try your recipe and tip!