My Good Morning Club Experience!

This was my second time to appear on TV. The first time was for ETC HQ with Julia Snieg. But this is first time it was LIVE! I have a fear of public speaking, self-humiliation, and everything that comes with it. I'm a very shy person! So you can imagine how nervous I was! Hihi!

Alwee of TV5 contacted me a day before. I was referred to him by Marcie Linao thru Tin and Jackie! Thank you Mommas! Good Morning Club is a morning show. So I was to be picked up by 3AM! OMG! I think I only had 2 or 3 hours of sleeo! And so I was picked up at 3AM. We arrived at the TV5 Novaliches around 3:45AM. I wasn't prepared at all. As in!
Bright lights over a dark morning!
These kept me wake!
After having my make up done, an outline of how the segment will go was given to me. Ayun na! Kinabahan na alaga ako!
But we had to wait for another an hour or more I think. The sun was out by the time we went out. And they did a Christmas DIY decor first.
And before we went live, the three host, Christine Babao, Amy Perez and Chiqui Roa Puno checked out my little booth.
And this was seconds before going live! As in! Christine Babao is super friendly and nice. :)
It was a great experience! It was short and sweet. Only a few got to watch because I didn't say anything about it haha! Well, the BOS recorded the segment using the iPad. Hehe!

PS. I think the show was reformatted after a week or two of this live guesting.