Mommy Fleur Day!

The very first mommy blogger that I've met personally was Fleur and Aimee. It was about 2 years ago. To this day, we all are good friends and get together sometimes :) Fast forward today, Mommy Fleur is now a mommy blogger superstar! As in parang Sharon Cuneta levelz, may fans club! And I have to admit, I am also fan! Kung ano si Fleur sa blog niya, ganon siya sa totoong buhay! I think a lot of us can vouch for that and that is why a lot of people love her too!

And last August 24, Fleur celebrated her five years of blogging with a party as a thank you for all her readers! Ang bongga lang! I don't think may pupunta kung magkaron man ng Apples & Dumplings Day ahihihihi! 
Fleur brought her blogging desk! And Faye did the decors! Super nice! 
See all those planners, paper bags? Pinamigay yan lahat ni Fleur! Of course,may Paper Chic!
And just like any celebration, dapat merong cake! And this cake is made by none other than Tazzy Cakes!
These are just a few of cakes that were sponsored by Benz (Tama ba ako Fleur?)
Mommy Fleur Novelty Items hihi!
Here's the lady of the hour :)
And here's Fleur's Unica Hija, Anika!

And because Fleur is very dear to me, I, Donya Paper Chic (walang kokontra!) happily sponsored the plates, cups, straws, etc. A simple table setting that I love love love! Kahiya lang kasi nagkulang ang plato! Sorry Wowa and Fleur! Thank you also to my fellow mommy bloggers who helped me set up the table setting!
How pretty! I'm really proud of this haha!
Thank you dear mudras for helping me set up!
Fleur made sure na hindi kami magugutom! There was so much food!
And my little girl was happy with the tray-ful of hotdogs!

And soon people came na!
Thank you Party Crafts by Ava! Y enjoyed the craft and can't stop painting them!

Fleur hosted a short Mommy Fleur trivia game and boy did her avid readers answer fast!
I want that book but sadly hindi ako nanalo but I won Maga's Kitchen Tuyo and a Mommy Fleur bag tag! Yay pa din!

It was a great afternoon! I got to meet new mommy bloggers, chat with them and even the kids had a graet time too! Thank you so much Fleur for hosting this!
Ate Sabine and Y. 
Next year ulit Fleur? Hehehe!
Thank you! Not sure from who I got this but credits to the owner!
Thank you again Fleur!


  1. Loved the Paper Chic Studio table setting that day! Ang ganda! And yes, ikaw na talaga ang Donya Paper Chic! I agree with Fleur being Sharon Cuneta levelz na. Di na ma-reach! :)

  2. Nagfifeeling Donya hehe! See you soon Aimee! Lapit ka manganak! :)