Manila Workshops: Ready To Be Rich

When it comes to budgeting and finances, I admit I'm a work in progress. There are times when I beome so lazy to do the budgeting but a wife has go to her duties! 

If you're a work in progress like me or you know totally zero about financing, investing and budgeting, then don't fret! It's better to be late than never! Manila Workshops together with Fitz Villafuerte of Ready to be Rich will have a re-run of it's very successful: Ready To Be Rich: Family Finances Workshop on November 9, 2013.
What's good about this workshop is it is hands-on learning. A variety of topics will be tackled such as zero-based budget system for households, money lessons for kids, personal finance strategies for married couples, sandwich generation survival tips and many more!

Don't miss out this chance to learn!

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  1. The mason jars are expensive ha? Nice interiors

  2. The jars are vintage/antique. But mahal pa din hehe