Happiness in a Box!

McDonald's iconic Happy Meal boxes are back! Yes you read that right! It's really back starting today!
Look who's happy with her Happy Meal Box!
I know when I say that I'm not the only mom who goes gaga for Happy Meal toys! We're the first in line to buy and collect the toys (like the Smurfs or the Minions), diba? . Happy Meal was first launched in 1979 and was also the first meal designed for kids.
In line to bringing more smiles to more kids, McDonald's has recently made the Happy Meal available for breakfast with favorites such as the 4-piece Mini Hotcakes and Hamdesal, both served with a regular drink and  featured toy. Whether on the way to school or a quick stop at McDonald's to start a fun weekend, a delicious first meal of the day is a great way to get your kids revved up for the day ahead.
McDonald’s has also come up with a new way for kids to enjoy the Happy Meal, as it can now come with a serving of McDonald’s World Famous Fries – a perfect addition to the Burger McDo, McNuggets, Chicken McDo with rice, and McSpaghetti, all with a regular drink and featured toy.
Another good news: Happy Meal is now down to Php85 only! And this month, your kids can enjoy Transformers and My Little Pony collectibles!
So, what are you waiting for? Get your kids that red box and give them a reason to smile! Can't wait to try the 4-pc pancakes!

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  1. Yay! I need to buy one soon for Liapot! BTW, I have a sunshine award for you on my blog Cai. Please join if you have time: http://planetmarsy.blogspot.com/2013/10/the-sunshine-award.html