How's It Been Since I Resigned?

It's been a month and a half since I resigned. Feeling ko ang tagal tagal na. I haven't gone back to the office for my clearance! O diba? Can you spell B-U-S-Y? It's one reason why I don't blog as much. I'm still adjusting to this whole set up.

How do I feel? I've never been HAPPIER. I don't have Monday blues. I don't dread dressing up. I don't have to think about my baon or will I still get a parking spot outside for Php50 or do I have to spend Php130 for a whole day's parking at the basement. Am I going to be late again today? Or ano nanaman gagawin ko sa office today? Will I be able to debug and solve the error? No nothing! I get to stay at home with the kids. No alarm clocks. I work on my own time plus I get to be in PJs the whole day! No judging please!

While it's rewarding and nice feeling to be the boss of your own, I need some discipline in both business and personal aspect. I'm glad I attended this financial talk last Saturday which made me really think about a lot of things and also learned a few things on investments. Hindi pwede pasarap lang lagi!

One of my agenda is to revamp my blog's look. Make it look more "professional". I don't know who to go to for design but I'm already talking to a designer. Crossing my fingers! Samahan niyo ako ha!

Oh and another agenda is to blog about R's party! Hoping I get to do that next week... hmm. Sana! Plus I still have a few giveaways to run! Exciting diba??? Please do stay tuned for that!

Now I need to put little R to sleep! Ayaw matulog! The reason why I get to blog now but no photos hehe! Good night!!!

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  1. Wow! I'm so happy for you Cai! Someday (hopefully soon), I'd like to be a WAHM to working on a growing business. Sanasanasanasana! :)