A&D Eats: Quick Afternoon Date at Tamayaki

From time to time or at least once a week, I try to have a mom-daughter time with Y. Even justg going to the grocery or to the bank, I take her with me. Sometimes I also get to bring her to events.  Sort of exposing her na din because she not used to being surrounded by strangers or unfamiliar with certain place and people. I get to teach and show her different things she sees. She's at the stage where she asks a lot of questions.

It was the birthday of BOS and we were in the San Juan area. I was bugging BOS to get a massage for months na and since it was his birthday, I'll treat him na nga! So after dropping off the hubby, Y and I killed time in Tamayaki!
The ambience makes you feel like you're in a spaceship. Hihi.. It's because of the black interior I guess.
The first time I went there it was "Pay as you order" but the last time we went back, we can order then pay later when we're finished eating or before you leave. Since it was only me and Y, I ordered 2 kinds of takoyaki. Seasoned Octopus and Mozarella. And a large order of Tamayaki Milk Tea with brown rice crisp.
Milk Tea and Takoyaki - my kind of merienda

My date - who only ate the filling but not the crust. I had to eat the crust!
Their takoyaki balls are good but I wish the "crust" is soft just like the real takoyaki and not crunchy like the way they cook it.
I've gone back after my first visit. I still like their Takoyaki because the variety of fillings they offer. I just wish their crust is more tender. :)

453 P.Guevarra St., Addition Hills, San Juan City

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  1. Finally, naka try ka na rin! I like the crunchy balls but I agree, tender is better. I still go back for coz in their takoyaki tastes good naman, esp with the different fillings, spicy sauce, and generous toppings of nori and bonito flakes. :) And I have a few favorite drinks that only they offer.