BYS: Make Up 101

I'm not the kikay type of girl. I used to not care about make up or anything that has to do with beauty. I'm lazy to put on make up. Even with my skin care, I sometimes forget or choose to forget hihi. But with me attending more and more events and after seeing my myself looking so pale and bland in pictures, I realized I need to learn at least the baasic of putting on make up. So when the SoMoms were invited for a Make Up 101 by BYS Philippines, I said yes agad!!!

BYS is an Australian brand make up that became available to the Philippine market just this year. According to Tony Chua, president of iFace, “Both iFace and GFA in Australia share the thinking that, makeup – like fashion accessories-- allows women to express themselves. Makeup should not conceal but enhance who she truly is. And that’s what BYS is all about.” BYS stands for Be Yourself.

Sa sobrang excited ko, I was the first one to arrive. They were still fixing the place hihi. I got even more excited when I saw we have our own make up station!
Then the SoMoms started arriving na!
Tita K and Berry
Chikahan portion
Before everyone got down to business
Angie Goyena of BYS Philippines giving us an introduction
Professional Make-up artists were there that day to help us out
Lee Shen Gee of Shen's Addiction was also there to give tips

BYS offers more than a thousand products. A sure hit among Filipinas is its range of eye products. Its eyeliners come in the regular black and brown as well as in neon shades and with glitter. Eyeliner pencils, mascara and eye shadows likewise have many variants with one sure to match one’s many moods. And just in case a woman would rather highlight her lips, this cosmetic line with moisturizing mineral oil offers both day and night shades in matte or with regular sheen and in regular or longwear formulations and as lipstick and lipgloss duos. 

Women who want something more organic need not fret. BYS is also known for its mineral makeup range. The BYS Minerals Naturale line is formulated with the natural ingredients free of chemicals, dyes, preservatives and talc. BYS mineral products are quick and easy to apply, and provide a complete, smooth, natural coverage in just one step. It is safe to use even after skincare and derma procedures like laser, IPL, micro-dermabrasion or a simple facial. Its pure formulation gives a long-lasting glow. 

Another standout from BYS is its line of Baked Cosmetics . The Baked Bronzers and Blushers are made with an innovative formula that keeps oiliness and moisture at bay and hides impurities. Texture is ultra silky and may be used wet for thicker coverage and dry for a more natural, lighter effect. The bronzers give a radiant, luminous glow on one’s face and body while the blushers provide a natural, long-lasting highlight to cheekbones. 

Ok, I'll do a photo blog of the session. I actually learned a lot and I've been applying what I've learned.
Here's my seatmate for that day, Kris of applying liquid foundation
Matte Foundation, Loose Foundation, Compact Foundation - ang daming palang klase noh? Haha
Facial guide
Ang kilay which I haven't practiced yet!
SoMoms Kris and Jen applying what was  being taught
SoMoms Fleur, Kris and Jenny
I learned so much that day that I've been trying to practice putting on make up on much as I can so I won't look pale and I will look a bit good on photos. Mahirap na!
How to draw the proper brows!
Michelle of and Kris of

And here's yours truly! 
I actually had fun and learned a lot during the workshop. I'm really a big ignoramous when it comes to make up and applying it correctly. I've always had a big fear about colors but not anymore! I've yet to go to a BYS kiosk and buy he tools and make up that I need!

BYS is now available in 26 selected SM and Watson’s outlets in Metro Manila and a few key cities like Cebu. By the end of 2013, there will be 50 nationwide.

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