Beating The Heat with #SigeMoms and #SigeKids + A Giveaway From Breeze!

Oh Mr. Sun, Sun... Mr. Golden Sun, please don't shine on me.... :) Agree? I love Summer but I don't like the heat! I sweat like a pig! Plus the kids are kawawa too they're always irritated because of the heat! It's just too hot! That we bought our own inflated pool a few weeks ago!

I was super excited for the #SoMoms first summer #Sessions which happened last week! Our lovely sponsor for our #SigeActivities for the day was Breeze Philippines! I along with the #SigeMoms #SoMoms, some invited bloggers and their #SigeKids were in for a day of arts, yoga, play and swimming! It was my first escape from the city for the summer. Y was super excited to swim that she kept on asking "swimming si Yukie?" our whole drive to Nuvali! Good thing it was holiday because it was a breeze going to Sta. Rosa, Laguna from our house which usually take us 1.5 hours, but we were still late! #whatsnew Haha!
R who was fast asleep in his car seat
When we arrived, they were already doing yoga. Y and I hurriedly join, R and yaya even joined the yoga fun which was led by Teachers Anna and Kara of My Masterpiece Movement. 
Y is such a shy kid around people but she enjoyed the yoga session, she was even participating! :) (She still remembers what she did!) She even got the chance to be Ms. Blue Wave! Hihi. Then she got shy nanaman. :p
Then the kids had a painting session with Teacher Kara which was super awesome! They laid a plastic sheet on the floor, put some paint and let the kids go wild! It was fun to see the kids getting messy, even the moms joined in! I did!
After the painting session, a big sheet of paper was laid on top of the plastic sheet and TADAAAA!
The #SigeMoms and #SigeKids masterpiece!
And here we all are:
From L-r: Marc of The Fatherland, Elai of The Painter's Wife, Teacher Anna, Jackie of Go Jackie Go!, Belle of Cruisin’ Mommyhood, Janice of Mommy Mundo, Candy of The Corporate Housewife Mom, Patty of Non Stop Babble, Tin of Manila Fashion Observer, Christine of Mommy Journey, Jenny of My Mommyology, Kris of OC Mom In Manila, and Teacher Kara.

After a messy painting session, we were all ready to jump into the pool! Y and I changed into our new swimwears and head on out to the pool! Y loved it and doesn't want to get out of the pool na! Good thing I got to talk to her to eat lunch na.
Little girl ready to swim!
We then had lunch while Teacher Anna what is the story behind My Masterpiece and Breeze Philippines gave a brief talk about their campaign #SigeSaMantsa. It was then I realize that I needed to let go more, seeing how Y was enjoying getting herself messy and having fun! Oh and what made that afternoon more fun for us, is that we won the raffle for that day which was Php4,000 worth of GCs to Toy Kingdom!!! Yay! Y wouldn't let go of the GCs! Hihi!
We ended our day with our "Sige sa Mantsa, Sige sa ________" statements! I had a hard time thiking ha!

My statement was "Sige sa mantsa, sige sa pag-explore" I admit that I'm a protective parent, who isn't? But I want my children to be able explore and do the things they want and without me stopping or controlling them or telling them to stop.  So after that day, we bought some art supplies from the bookstore and started our "art sessions" at home. And as much as I want to tidy up the mess, I just let her explore. :)
And now for the giveaway! I'm giving away 2 Breeze gift packs to 2 lucky readers. Please read the mechanics!

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