A&D Loves: Tazzy Cakes (A Fairy Theme Birthday Cake)

Two Sundays ago, my little niece A celebrated her 1st birthday. My assignment was the cake and the giveaways. So I made it a point that my sister will like the cake! And she did!

I've been hearing a lot about Tazzy Cakes. I've seen cakes done by Cat (owner of Tazzy Cakes) and they were really good so I was excited when achi said to find her a good baker. This was the perfect time to try Tazzy Cakes!

A's birthday theme is fairies. And my sister already had a peg for the cake. I emailed Cat two months before the date and I showed Cat the photo below plus achi wanted it to be Cath Kidson-esque.
Photo from HWTM and Lee Bird Photography
There's no downpayment, she does by honesty policy. :) After a week or so, She emailed a sketch of the cake which I emailed to my achi for approval. We had minor changes and we just waited until the day of the party to see the cake!

Ok, before I show you the cake. Can I just say that I love her and the cake! I actually booked her na for my R's birthday in June. #pangsuspenselang

Here's the cake!`
Tadahhhh!!! Ang ganda ng cake promise!!!
Love the details!
Grabe the details!
Another view of the cake
Everyone loved the cake! :) I'm happy they did. Even my shobe wanted to get her for her 2nd baby's birthday which she haven't even given birth yet to! They're that impressed! Can't wait til R's birthday party!

Email: cats@tazzycakes.com


  1. that has got to be one of the prettiest cakes ever!

  2. Ganda, mas maganda pa dun sa photo that you showed! Hope it tastes yummy din :)