I'm a PLAY Advocate: Educating Oneself With Pneumococcal Disease!

Growing up with an OC mom, I remember we would always given vaccines by our pedia on our regular check-ups. I think I've got complete vaccines plus boosters. When I became a mom, I follow our pedia's schedule with Y and R's vaccines just like my mom. I never really asked or wonder if they are effective, their advantages and if there are any side effects.

Last February 23, twenty five of the Philippine's top social media moms and their children came together to understand a trending topic in the field of medicine. Pneumococcal Disease or PD may sound like a long and complicated term, but learning was made fun through an activity called Protection, Love, and Activities for Young Kids or P.L.A.Y.
P.L.A.Y. is a disease awareness raising awareness campaign by Mommy Mundo, the country's most extensive portal of mom and family-focused resources. For many years, Mommy Mundo has actively promoted an advocacy on vaccination as the nest defense against diseases. 
Y enjoying!
Dr. Carmina De Los Reyes was there to explain about the diseases as well as other concerns of parents who were present during the talk. Here are some helpful facts for us moms to remember!

Each year, roughly a million children die from PDs. This disease is considered as the #1 killer of children less than 5 years old worldwide! PDs include invasive ones also known as IPD such as meningitis, sepsis, bacteremia, and pneumonia and other common diseases such as acute otitis media (middle ear infection).

And for us to learn more about PDs, games were played by moms and kids! And I was with Team Pneumoniacs!
My very intense team! Haha! See their faces? Hihi

The afternoon ended, with a pledge to P.L.A.Y., a promise of all the participants to protect their health and keep on learning and with a full head of knowledge.

Fore more information, visit www.mommymundo.com/vaccinate

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