A&D Eats: Brunch at Early Bird Breakfast Club

About 2 months ago, we tried the newly opened Early Bird Breakfast Club. I love breakfast food, it's my comfort food! It's located on what used to be Pier One in Fort Strip!
We got there around 11PM and the place is almost full! We were seated at the mezzanine area na because the main area is full na.
Love the chevron wall!
Chevron floor! Ack!
And now on with the food!
Adobo Flakes - it was ok. Serving was big. We didn't get to finish this.
Arroz Caldo for the kids - a bit salty
Vigan Longganisa for the BOS - which was also so-so
Beef Tapa - probably the most ok food for that morning!
Bacon something - I forgot the name. Would have been really good if the bacon is crispy!
The place and ambiance is nice and homey. I hope the food improves though. Would love to go back and try more of their food!

Here's Y and G posing after our ho-hum brunch.

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