My Almost Non-Existent Skincare

I had bad skin growing up. I had bad acne and pimples during my adolescent years that I was in the Derma every week. My skin improved, Thanks to Dra. Lim Ke! But nakakatamad bumalik-balik and to wait for an hour or two for my turn even when you set an appointment!

My mom takes good care of her skin. I remember her having facials where a scramble egg looking mask is put on her face. She's been using Shiseido for as long as I can remember!

When I was single, I had more time to put on whatever cream that my mom buys for me. When I got married, wala na akong time! Glad that my mom still buys for me. Or naawa lang talaga siya sa skin ko hahaha! So I'm sharing with you my skincare musts!
Shiseido for my face, minsan Celeteque. Muji Cleansing Oil for make-up removal and lotion and meds for my skin asthma!

What's your skincare regimen? Skincare secrets? Share!!!


  1. I had a serious attack on my face last year I got big sunburns on my skin and red cheeks consequently one of my friend suggested me a cream and a an anti fungal soapand the soap worked for me.That was a big relax to me.

  2. I don't believe you had bad skin Cai =). I get bored with just 1 skin care set, so I try different brands. But 1 thing that's permanent in my routine is the Celeteque Break Off capsules. Love them till the last drop.

  3. applesanddumplingsMarch 4, 2013 at 10:46 AM

    Haha naku! I've been called a lot of names during my teenage years! I want to try those capsules!

  4. to be honest right now, I just use a beauty bar...and that's it. Good thing my BB cream moisturizes my face well. But I guess I have to go back to my old regimen. I am not getting younger and so does my skin :)

  5. Cai, super the same tayo! I was at the derma every two weeks (it felt!) when I was a teenager. I constantly had my hair up in a pony because I start getting zits when the ends of my hair touch my face (well, that happens to this day!). I never had a regular skincare routine until I turned the big 4-0, only because I felt that it was time. HAHAHA! I use argan oil at night and estee lauder's illuminator in the mornings. If I'm not lazy (and I know I shouldn't be), I put on something with spf (moisturizer or bb cream). Now that it's summer, I prefer Celeteque's serum. My face is oilier so if I put argan oil, it feels like someone will fry some thing on it. haha! I wrote about my skincare regimen too --