Hello Kitty Christmas Village

Last January 5 (day before we took Y to the ER), after going to the pedia to have the kids's monthly check-up, we traveled (traveled talaga?) to SM The Block to check out Hello Kitty Village. It was the second to the last day so the BOS was persistent in taking the little one to see one of her favorite characters, Hello Kitty!

I really don't like going to this area because of Edsa, traffic, and plus the mall gets crowded! Gaah. But for our little one, ok lang! Plus I'm also a fan of Hello Kitty.
The village was at the atrium plus some displays scattered all over the mall. So we went to each "house" to have Y's picture taken. There were some fun facts about Hello Kitty posted.
I want one of those cakes!!!
Then the BOS asked Y to stand in front of each house for photos. From the photos and blogs that the BOS have read, wala daw harang before and you can inside each house. When we went, may harang na.
Sobrang pa-cute haha! May sakit pa siya nyan!
Y super enjoyed it. She kept saying she saw Hello Kitty but the next day we were at the ER! Wahhh. Glad she was ok a few days after.
One last photo before going home
And little R who was looking cute in his outfit!

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