This Boy Is Growing Up Too Fast!

My little boy will be 6 months old next week (we're still exclusively breastfeeding and will start solids na! wheee!), can't believe it's been 6 months since I gave birth (read: bakit mataba pa din ako? Hahahaha).
I think this boy is advanced for his age (or so this mom would like to think). He first rolled over just a day before he turned 4 months old. He's very malikot for one. I thought Y was malikot na when she was his same age, hindi pala! His laugh is cute, he rolls all over the bed, he nurses like a champion! Oh I miss him! He's long and lean for his age and boy he has strong legs!!!
He's been doing this since he was 5 months old. He moves like a worm. Gumagapang ng pasubsob sa bed, that's why his face sometimes is all red from all the rubbing and makes his booger come out of his small nose wahahahaha!
Here's our little boss when we went out last Sunday night. Hihi so cute!
Hay, I can't believe you'll be 6 months na my little siopao. Can't wait for you start eating solids! Exciting times!
Papa, can I eat this?


  1. Ohmy, same sila ni Baby A, tuloy flatnose baby ko :) you're baby is so cute!!! And I'm so inggit that you have lots of breastmilk. :) - D

  2. Hihi flat nose na nga din baby ko! :)