Hi-5 High: 1, 2, 3, 4... Hi-5!

I'd been meaning to blog about this last weekend pa after watching the show but I got so busy with Y, prepping for R's first solid food, and well, it's the holiday season! Everyone's busy with shopping and eating hehehe!

The moment Kaye tweeted that Hi-5 was coming to Manila last October, I was so excited for Y that I bought front row tickets agad! I got us the 7pm show for last Saturday (December 15)!

The day before, I was already psyching Y about it. I told her we're watching Hi-5 tomorrow and she couldn't stop talking about it and she kept telling that to her yaya and our helper. Hehe cute! I didn't think she'll understand yet but I guess she did! :) On the day, we had a very busy schedule! We needed to go the pediatrician and I wanted her to nap so she'll be energized and enjoy the show! But we made our schedule work.

Outfit of the day: Gap x DVF dress, Little Red Shoe Sandals
After our check up at the pediatrician, my family of four went to Mall of Asia for Hi-5 Holiday Show, but it was just me and Y watching. :) When we got to the mall, we saw a lot of kids were wearing the Hi-5 Foam Finger and Y kept pointing at it and making kulit about Hi-5. We were there before 6PM so we had to wait pa. I saw Kaye and her son, RL, while lining up for the SM E-Plus Card then after I went to buy Y a foam finger for Php210. The other merchandises were expensive na, the foam finger was the cheapest!
Happy with her Hi-5 hand!
When we went it, it was still around 20 minutes before the show starts. We were seatmates with Kaye! The show started on time naman. Y was just sitting at the first 2 songs I think, nanibago siguro. Haha! But after the 2 songs, she started dancing and singing na! I was glad to see my daughter enjoying the show! Kung hinde, sayang ang 4k ko! LOL!
Before the show started
This girl came out 5 minutes before the show started, pampa-excite! Forgot her name though.
Ayan na sila!!!
My favorite Hi-5, Lauren!
Y dancing!
hula dancing...
The show lasted for 1.5 hours with a 20 minutes intermission. She was asking where the Hi-5 went during the intermission haha! She enjoyed the bubbles during one song. Hi-5 even did the Gangnam Style! Even I enjoyed the show! May pabato-bato pa ng malaking beach ball! Y also enjoyed that, it almost hit her, pero kebs lang siya haha! After their last song, they hi-5-ed the kids! Siyempre stage mother lang ang peg at talagang binuhat ko si Y so she can get to hi-5 the Hi-5! Sayang 3 girls lang, the 2 boys hinde. Ako lang naman makakaalala non! :)
Intermission muna!
Under the sea...
We had fun! I know Y did! She kept talking about it after and the day after that. Sayang RL and Y didn't have a photo together! After watching, we met up with the BOS and R and we had dinner at Lugang which you can read about here. We didn't realize na late na pala when we finished eating. When we go out and I know that we'll be going home late, I usually asked the yaya to bring the kids' pajamas na so paguwi pag tulog na, direcho na! :)
I had fun! Did you?
Did you watch Hi-5? Enjoy ba? :)

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  1. We missed this. :( But I'm pretty sure my 10 month old baby girl will enjoy this. She loves Hi-5 so much!

    You're little girl looks like she enjoyed the show. She isss co cute! I love her chinita eyes :)