I Am Cotton On, Are you? [Lucky Chinatown]

Last week Monday, I saw Cotton On Philippines tweet that their branch in Lucky Chinatown is opening this weekend, I was so excited! As in! :) That I retweeted their tweet without knowing they're holding a giveaway!
I only found out I won a Php500 discount coupon because of this nice lady @natsumi0011 tweeted me! Thank you!!! :)
At first I thought I wouldn't be able to go because of the traffic in Recto, but I'm glad the BOS let me went to Lucky Chinatown just for Cotton On. (Mwah BOS!) If there's such thing as flash shopping, that's what I did! I had around 20 minutes to do my shopping as we're going to meet my mom and achi at another mall.
So I made my way to Cotton On, claimed my Php500 discount coupon, flash browsed the store. Tried a couple of shorts and a top. Doesn't fit me :( So I browsed some more. Didn't really get to look around and take decent photos, I hope I can on my next visit! Hehe..
A lot of 2 for something
My very soshal hopia! Cotton On Hopia!They were giving hopia to those who purchased some stuff that day!
Here's my loot! Since I purchase 2 of these in HK in different style, I saw these and got it without trying it on anymore. I love love the "pyjama" fashion. So comfy! #mfostyle lang yan hehe! Can't wait to wear them!
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  1. I was just there earlier! Well, in the Mega Mall branch. Neat stuff! :)

  2. your welcome, I'm such a fan of your blog that I was also equally happy when I saw your name in their roster! :3

  3. Thank you again Natsumi! I like your name!