A&D Loves: Nestea Thai Iced Tea

I love milk tea! I wrote about it here. Sometimes I want to quit drinking those bubble teas because I want to diet na! But I don't think I can just yet. Heehee... I love milk tea!

I discovered Thai Iced Tea or cha-yen (as what they call it in Thailand) from my trip to Bangkok many years ago. From the minute I took a sip, I loved it! I was so happy when I saw Nestea produces powdered Thai Iced Tea at their grocery so I made pakyaw!
In Manila, you can drink Thai Iced Tea only when you dine in Thai restos. There's no powdered variant available in the market so when my achi asked what I wanted as pasalubong from Bangkok, I said Thai Milk Tea!!!
It comes in sticks likes this!
So last weekend, I got to taste it once again and shared the experience with the BOS! I cooked something Asian to pair with the drink. (Parang wine lang ang peg!)
Kung Pao!
I took out my brand new mason glass jars to use for this special drink haha!
If you have friends, relatives, officemates, or sino man yan who's going to Thailand, ask for this as pasalubong! Promise if you like milk teas and bubble teas, you'll definitely like this too! Pahinge ng pasalubong mo ha? :) Hehe...


  1. Mommy Cai, where did you buy your mason jars? How much were they?

  2. This one I bought in the US. But you can buy mason jars without handles at True Value :) Hope it helps! :)

  3. Wow! And cute! Does that mean it contains milk? :-)

  4. Yes may milk :)

  5. I just got mine yesterday as I too am a big fan of this awesomely refreshing and yummy drink - only problem, instructions are in Thai and I do not speak it. Would you be kind enough to give me the English version of their instructions on the back?

  6. Just put the powder, mix with little hot water and stir. Then just add ice and cold water :) Easy peasy!

  7. I did - I drank - In heaven now :) Cheers