Caring For Your Baby's Bum

About a week ago, I noticed R has diaper rash! :( We've been using cloth diaper at home but we still use disposables at night and when we go out. We change his diaper (cloth or disposable) every 3 hours except at night time. Maybe that caused the diaper rash. But since that diaper rash, we now also use cloth diaper at night. When Y was a baby, she also had diaper rash around the same age as R. We immediately used diaper cream on her and the rash was gone in a week. But with R, the rash is still there even after a week of using diaper cream.
This is Y at 2.5 months, I think.
R at 3 months
I'm really worried! I want the rash to go away! Mommies, we should always remember that babies have a thinner epidermis and are 10 times more reactive to stimulus. Their skin is sensitive and have faster moisture loss. So mommies, always change your baby's diaper every 3 hours or when you feel your baby's bum is wet. Other factors that can cause diaper rash: fecal enzymes, skin friction, candida albicans (yeast infection) and unidentified chemical irritants.
During the talk I attended last August, Dr. Ma. Victoria Dizon of the Pediatric Dermatology Society of the Philippines gave some points on the cleansing regimen. Frequent diaper changes, zinc oxide is necessary for skin recovery, use of powder has benefits and remove skin contaminants and restore the physiologic skin
pH value are all encouraged.
Good news mommies! Johnson's Baby has a Complete Care Diaper System (which you can view here) for your baby's bum which is very easy and we're practically doing it already but this comes with special care of Johnson's Baby.

Here's a video of the diaper system!

And this is our diaper system at home!
Steps 1-2-3
Step 1: Wipe with Johnson’s Baby Wipes
• JOHNSON’S BABY Skincare Wipes helps prevent rash like a diaper cream as it cleans and coats baby’s bottom with baby lotion. Johnson’s Baby Wipes protects your baby’s bum through a protection meter gadget where they show moisture retention

Step 2: Dry and protect with Johnson’s Baby Complete Care Powder
• JOHNSON’S BABY Complete Care Powder actively repels wetness  that causes diaper rash.
• Iwas-basa, iwas diaper rash.
• Contains 2 active ingredients
   • Zinc Oxide – Anti-Bacterial
   • Magnesium Steareate - Effective in repelling wetness

Step 3: Change the diaper

I've been using the wipes for when we're out. I love the scent! Amoy baby! But I only started using the complete care powder last night, because I've always been hesitant in using it. You know how our pedias, moms, or grandmas would say it's not good to put powder. But it's totally safe pala! You must also remember that when putting powder on your baby, Johnson's Baby recommends to apply the powder on your hands first, away from the baby's face, then apply to the baby's bum.

Here's a proof that JB Complete Care Baby Powder keeps your baby's bum dry and safe from diaper rash!

Here are answers to you questions on talc risks:
1. In over 100 years of use, no case of lung damage to consumers from normal use.
2. The US National Toxicology Program, the US Occupational Safety & Hygiene Administration (OSHA) do not list or classify talc as known or suspected human carcinogen.
3. US American Congress of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH) recently classified talc as "not classifiable as a human carcinogen".
4. Studies have been done with talc miners and millers in Italy and France where they have been exposed to several hundred times normal cosmetic body-powder use. No effects have been seen.
5. Conclusions in an FDA symposium in 1994 and 2000:
   • Reviewed lifetime exposure to rats & mice concluded that at doses 300 x human exposure no adverse effect
   • At 1200 x human exposure effects seen in female rats
   • Summary: no likely adverse effect to humans consumers in normal case.
   • Talc in normal use does not adversely affect the lungs

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