Yaya Woes To The Nth Power

Yes, once again I'm having yaya woes. It's been a week since our yaya decided not to come back after going home because she was sick. I actually want to kill her! Well, exagerating na yon.

Part of me is so mad at her because she left us hanging! I went to the doctor with her to have her checked and also get her examined only to find out bad bad results and she left us. Hay... Ma-karma na lang sana siya.

So now, we're looking for another yaya. I'm so grateful that the BOS can work from home right now, he looks after R while Y stays at her great grandma during the day. I'm really lucky that Y and R have a loving great grandma and papa!

With no yaya again, the BOS and I are always tired at the end of the day. I still have chores to do, blog posts to draft, and a household to manage. Hay I really need to learn time management! I already adjusted my alarm earlier but wala.. Still no enough time!

Will the next yaya be THE ONE?

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