Y's 2nd Birthday

For Y's 2nd birthday, I ditched doing the party. A small party lang naman but I got lazy. LOL Bad mommy! I didn't have time to plan last month. I gave birth, tending to the newborn, and tired. By the time I wanted to do the party, I had no time na. Since Y's birthday and my brother's birthday is just 3 days apart, I told my mom that we just have a joint birthday celebration on the 9th, which is my shoti's birthday!

The theme was Pororo and Tayo the Bus since it's Y's current favorite cartoons and iPhone apps and shoti has no choice but to conform haha! I saw a Pororo Cake on my Instagram, I wanted to copy. So I contacted a baker in FB and also a chain bakeshop, had a cake designed and both quoted me 6k for it. Mahal! I didn't want to spend so much. And then I had a light bulb moment! Just buy a cake and DIY the toppers!
Photos from Google Images

The birthday cake was reserved for the joint birthday. So for Y's birthday, I thought of getting Krispy Kreme's Mini Donuts but when I went to Krispy Kreme near my office, it's not available na daw. So I just bought a dozen of the chocolate ones with sprinkles!

For the toppers, I searched for Pororo and Tayo the Bus images online and had them printed in Digiprint in 4R size. I cut them one by one. I also used my ever reliable scallop puncher! :) Then I taped the cut outs to my baker twine (soon available at my online store! ;)) and tied them to paper straws. (also will be available soon!!!) and here's the finish product!!!

Y was amused or so I think. Haha! She's still in her pj's. She had a smile on her face when she saw Pororo and Tayo! :) She was too happy that she was shy to blow her candles. Hehe.. Silly kid. Then she zoned in to the gift and grabbed it na. Here's my little girl opening her gift!
Bagon gising ang peg!
The doc is in!
Later that day, my SIL gave her a birthday cake from Formosa Bakery which I must say it's super yummy!!!
Come Sunday, it was the joint party at home. Each of us (my siblings) were each assigned what food to buy. I bought Amber's Spaghetti, Palabok and Pichi-Pichi, achi bought lechon and shoti's birthday cake at Purple Oven, and shoti bought Manang's Chicken! It was a feast indeed! :) We had so many leftovers that we also had those for dinner and lunch the next day! :)

As for the birthday cake, I bought the ever classic Hizon's Mocha Cake! I went to Hizon's early Sunday morning to buy the cake. For the toppers, I just reused the Pororo/Tayo buntings and put Pororo bath toys on top which I bought at Sulit.

Shoti's cake was from Purple Oven. It's the Starbucks Chocolate Cake which I love!!! :) I was able to take some home too!
This year's celebration is very intimate, just with family. It was perfect!


  1. so cute nung donut cake!! :D

  2. Thank you Aimee! :)

  3. Thank you Cris! Kahit medyo melted na yun icings haha!